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Марта Городинская

Nice place. A small corporate party was celebrated with colleagues. In addition to bowling, there are billiard tables, so whoever does not like to knock down pins can roll balls))) I did not expect, but the kitchen was pretty good - salads, meat dishes (barbecue, grilled meat, sausages). Nice bar. The only thing I would like to improve is the dignity of nodes, they are directly asking for repairs! It spoiled the impression But overall pretty good
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Анастасия Пашута

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Next to Flash Bowl


Петров Водкин Pub&Grill

674 m. проспект Степана Бандери, 16, Київ, Київська, Украина, 04073

(093) 206-20-13


Municipal Beach "Verbnyy"

708 m. Pryozerna St, 10А, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04211

(044) 541-18-11

Cultural Center

Guide me UA - Private Tours in Kiev & Lviv

769 m. 4a, Alexandra Arhipenko St, Apt. 1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04211

(066) 067-90-89



776 m. Stepana Bandera Avenue, 34B, Kyiv

(067) 215-21-05

Shopping mall

Bloсkbuster Mall

789 m. Stepana Bandera Avenue, 34B, Kyiv

(044) 498-30-00

Child Center

Kidlandia Children's Park of Professions

791 m. Stepana Bandera Avenue, 34 V, Kyiv

(068) 113-20-12


Bowling club "Blockbuster"

791 m. 34-В Stepana Bandery Ave

(067) 613-30-85


IC Coworking

791 m. Stepana Bandery Avenue, 34, Kyiv, Ukraine, 04073

(080) 075-71-15


Planeta Kino

803 m. 34B Stepan Bandery, Kyiv

(080) 030-06-00


Karting center "Blockbuster"

814 m. 34В Stepana Banderi Ave

(067) 211-25-90

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