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Victoriia Maslianok

This place is definitely worth a visit. At least for the sake of the most delicious Napoleon. Although it is customary to start with appetizers, I will start with dessert. Coconut Napoleon is something. Delicate, light coconut aftertaste, perfectly soaked cakes - high. The guys have a whole Napoleon bar, so I think everyone will find their favorite taste of Napoleon. And now about food. The cuisine here is not purely Asian, but rather Asian with a European twist. You won't find anything spicy in Asian here (but you can ask to make it spicy). So, in the dough - Tom Yum, gave Makhney, green papaya salad, paratha pancake and Butter Chicken. Everything is delicious, I especially liked the dal. Ideal for spices. Butter Chicken with noodles didn't come in - I love the classic recipe. I also liked the lassi with durian - close your eyes and you're in Asia. The interior should be noted separately. Very colorful. And a little note: Evaluating restaurants is always difficult. The assessment depends not only on food and service, but also on the mood with which you came, on the goals with which you came. I love spicy Asian cuisine, such that it makes me cry with spiciness, but there is единицы but only a few people eat this, and this doesn’t mean that I give all restaurants bad marks if they did not meet the expectations that I myself came up with try enjoy every meal, even if it is not what you expected, it may be even better ????
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David Henzel

Super stylish and delicious hipster spot.
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Polina Poliakova

It’s an awesome cool place. Outstanding service! Our waiter was super attentive and polite. I’m not a big fan of desserts in general but Coconut Napoleon - ???????????? - must try. Also Shu Mai with scallops and truffle - is super tasty and juicy. It is sad that for now it’s so hard to book a table but hopefully it will be fixed soon. Thank you Eastman Team!
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