Hoholivska St, 23, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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It is a green building with a white finish, built in 1909. Its author is the architect Vladimir Bessmertny. The house is made in the Art Nouveau style with elements of Gothic and neo-Gothic. Its facade is decorated with a picture of cats with large, almost real, eyes. So, for example, these animals seem to be sitting and guarding the windows. Another feature of the House with cats in Kiev is that the facade, in fact, is made asymmetric. There is a turret with a small spire, everything is decorated with mysterious mascarons and chimeras, ornamentation and stucco molding. The balconies are open, wide and fairly spacious.

In addition to cats, symbols of wisdom - "owls" - live on the house, and the figure crowns the composition with a trait. All the elements in the sculptures are thoroughly thought out, and, because of this, every component wants to study carefully, peer and fantasize about the lives of these, in fact, inanimate beings. Because of the style of construction, the authorship of the house is often attributed to Vladislav Gorodetsky - he loved the magnificent decoration and the abundance of various creatures on the facades of buildings.

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Paul S

Обов'язково подивіться! І немає ніяких виправдань тому, хто ще не бачив.
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