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Spiritual growth cannot be confused with education. Because spiritual growth comes from the depths of our Silence, from our Loneliness and it is not given to us from outside. All that we get from the outside is cheap. In fact, nothing we can get from outside without subsequent disappointment. And education is what we get from the outside.

Meditation is one of the methods of spiritual growth. The purpose of meditation is Understanding. Setting the Method above the Goal is wrong. But this just happens quite often. Many false masters make Purpose out of meditation.

Conversations with the Master are not meditation. On the contrary, a text rich in examples and colorful descriptions leads to excitement of the intellect and psyche. This is not at all like meditation. Quite the contrary - this leads to a pointed consciousness.

The master does not give technique against the background of twilight consciousness, a state of hypnosis. A lively, humorous text will enrich you intellectually and significantly improve your mood. And spiritual growth, a meditative state, God forbid, will happen to you - then. From your inner Silence and Memory.

It’s like muscle growth. They do not grow in training, they grow after training, under favorable conditions and correctly selected, metered loads. As the Great Masters of the past said: the essence of the method is Movement and Peace.

“Conversations with the Master” is an individual process that the listener is not always aware of when performing physical exercises. After some time of training experience, you have the opportunity to "study the theory" personally. The master is looking for an opportunity to convey his mystical experience.

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