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Arthur Chaparyan. Recital.

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Sun 15 Sep 20:00-22:00

About the place

The Cinema House has several cinemas for events of different scale: Red for 670 seats, Blue for 170 and Small Hall for 50 seats. There is also a large conference hall for the official part of the events.

Yes, here you will not meet the premier Hollywood movies. But there is something else. Film festivals, a show of sand animation, evenings of classics and poetry, stand-up shows - at some point the House of Cinema was not afraid to open up to a new one. The result - an atmospheric place with a variety of events, interesting viewers of all ages and hobbies.

It is convenient that you can watch the actual billboard and buy tickets for any event online. Just a couple of minutes and your plans for the evening are clear. See you!

Past events

Woody Allen's FilmsNight

Sat 13 Oct 22:30-07:00

Concert "Earth's Music" on Earth Hour

Sat 30 Mar 20:00-22:00

Review 4

Tëmä Kotskii

Old Soviet-style building but very good atmosphere. Performance by svitloconcert is amazing as always. Even with broken heating system it is warm by artists professionalism
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fernando yamasaki

Fresh caviar, home made cured meats, great drinks and great price!!!
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Not too modern, but fine. Large enough for grand events of local scale. Stage decent, but nothing else: not even lighting ajustment, nor
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Anton Shmerkin

The perfect blend between the authentic Soviet ambiance and a modern feel of a contemporary Kyevan intellectyal hub. Come for the stale Chicken-Kiev, stay for the cute hipster walk-ins...
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