Velyka Vasylkivska St, 136, Kyiv

About the place

Kyiv Center for Contemporary Art "DAK" was opened on November 12, 1994 by a person who at the time did not associate his destiny with the intention of seriously engaging in theater and art. He called it the "hotel of art", a kind of open platform named "DAK", the symbol of which was a snail that "crawl down the slopes of Fuji," "quietly to the very top" - it has become not only a symbol but also a form of principles , embodied in the essence of this chance, presented with fate "

Today's strategic task of "DAKh" is active interaction with state and commercial art and educational structures in order to change the cultural situation that has developed in Ukraine towards greater openness to creative dialogue, experiment, and the development of new forms of theatrical organization, namely, the creation of multifunctional open planes of contemporary art, innovative systems of theatrical education, a full-fledged theater publishing base, etc. ...

Review 5

Oleksii Zghurskyi

Interesting experience.
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Alexandra Stasiiuk

My favorite theater!
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Anastasiia Khyzhniak

Dakh offers, probably, the most unusual theatrical experience available in Kiev.
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Anton Galkovskyi

I wish it would be more places like this. More art
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Vimala Marjari

Magic and mystical Ukrainian theater
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Next to DAKH Centre of Contemporary Arts


Library named after Nikolay Gogol

136 Velyka Vasylkivska St., Kyiv

(044) 529-14-73



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"Yellow Sea" on Lybidskaya

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Arugula (Ocean Plaza)

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