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I felt almost as at home, when first arrived in Kyiv. Almost, because favourite from chieldhood foods were not enough. I made attempt prepare them and treated friends. So my recital began of Georgia – place, where I was born and studied to be a son, man, father. In fact, a meal – is language which people tell about itself and the culture.   

After some time I opened CHACHAPURI and with me my friends began to join in from the different corners of Georgia. 

Then we didn't even think that will become the culinary ambassadors of the people and will tell each the recipes about real Georgia, its beauty, tastes, traditions. Yes, it sometimes is too salt or sharp, and always frank and hospitality.

Why CHACHAPURI? Because drink from a wine and bread are the first letters of alphabet of hospitality. Chacha and Puri in Georgia. But ears walk, that such dish of chachapuri is ;)

Review 4

Serhi Melnyk

Tasty and comfortable
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Elena Zubenko

Nice, friendly, welcoming atmosphere. At the door I was met by a friendly looking staff. Highly recommended.
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Andre Barkov

New restaurant. Cudos for their willingness to compete with zillion Georgian reastaurants in the neighborhood. Staff is extremely nice - they are even giving hugs to visitors.
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Stephen Neale

Not only the best food in Kiev but best I’ve ever had, full stop. Service is excellent as well, staff are friendly and welcoming.
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