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Auto Mag Plus driving school is located in Shevchenkivskyi, Dniprovskyi, Sviatoshynskyi and Obolonskyi districts of Kyiv. The driving school conducts training, retraining of drivers, and also restoration of skills on a cat. In (car) on a manual transmission (manual transmission) and an automatic transmission (automatic transmission), and also cat. A, A1. (Moped, motorcycle). Our school employs highly qualified specialists in theoretical and practical training. All teachers have a certification certificate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Extensive experience in the teaching field. Theoretical classes are equipped according to the latest requirements of the state. car inspections (stands, posters, computers, simulators, multimedia equipment and videos). Training machines are also equipped with additional pedals, mirrors, identification mark and equipment for exercises and maneuvers. Driving lessons are held on specially equipped sites (autodrome) and on the roads of the capital. Sets in groups take place at different times (morning, evening, day off and also a group on Fridays). At the end of training, passing exams in the traffic police accompanied by the administration of the driving school. We give you the opportunity to undergo quality, professional and individual training. Our team is a great friendly team. Everyone who has studied with us always advises their friends. Come to us and you will see for yourself. We will teach you to drive safely! About us: • Duration of training is 2.5 months • Categories A, A1, B. • Highly qualified specialists • Individual schedule • Quality training • Modern classes • Gradual payment • Free internal exams • Free listening to missed theory classes • Organized exams in MREV

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Лариса К

Автошкола на Чистяківській - Супер! Викладач Буткевич Ігор Андрійович - Геній! Рекомендую всім бажаючим !
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Kateryna Horodnycha

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Катерина Куртяк

Большое спасибо автошколе АвтоМаг на Чистяковской !!! Игорь Андреевич - замечательная позитивный человек, прекрасный преподаватель, настоящий профессионал. Лекции проходили легко и очень интересно - с подробными объяснениями, примерами из жизни и видеоматериалами. Инструктор по вождению Алексей Сергеевич - спасибо за выдержку и знания! Это так помогло мне сдать экзамен с первого раза. Приду еще на уроки зимнего вождения)) Мне эту школу посоветовали друзья, теперь и я ее всем рекомендую!
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Катерина Куртяк

Big thanks to AutoMag Driving School on Chistyakovskaya !!! Igor Andreevich is a wonderful positive person, a wonderful teacher, a true professional. The lectures were easy and extremely interesting - with detailed explanations, life examples and videos. Driving instructor Alexey - thank you for your exposure and knowledge! It helped me to pass the exam the first time. I'll come for winter driving lessons)) I was advised by this school friends, now I recommend it to everyone!
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Катерина Куртяк

Велика подяка автошколі АвтоМаг на Чистяківській!!! Ігор Андрійович - чудова позитивна людина, прекрасний викладач,  справжній професіонал. Лекції проходили легко та надзвичайно цікаво - з детальними поясненнями, прикладами з життя та відеоматеріалами. Інструктор по водінню Олексій Сергійович - дякую за витримку та знання! Це так допомогло мені здати екзамен з першого разу. Прийду ще на уроки зимового водіння)) Мені цю школу порадили друзі, тепер і я її всім рекомендую!
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