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One of the oldest university observatories in Ukraine has existed since 1845. At such times, such prominent scientists as V. Fedorov (first director), M. Khandrikov, I. Putilin, A. Yakovkin, D. Pyaskovsky, S. Vishsvyatsky, O. Bogorodsky and others worked at the observatory. The staff of the observatory opened two comets (Churyumov-Gerasimenko, 1969 and Churyumov-Solodovnikov, 1986), about 600 new dwarf galaxies were discovered and investigated, parameters of the Nebblevian large-scale galaxy movements were determined, the influence of gravitational lensing on the observational characteristics of space objects was investigated , a series of catalogs of positions of stars and extragalactic radio sources was created, the theory of luminescence of prominences was developed, the role of coronal holes in the generation of solar wind was discovered, the generalized theo- the rite of meteor phenomenon, the scientific concept of asteroid-meteor hazard is substantiated.

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Next to Astronomical Observatory of Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko


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The Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics

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