Chaika airfield, st. Antonova, 5, p. Petropavlovskaya Borschagovka, Kiev region

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Association "PARA-SKUF" is a non-profit association of its members, who set themselves the goal of popularizing parachuting, organizing recreation for members of the Association, holding sports competitions for parachutists, organizing and setting records, developing international relations, holding festivals of parachuting, exchange of experience.

Association "PARA-SKUF" is a member of the Federation of Parachuting of Ukraine.

The parachute club is located on the territory of the Chaika airfield, which is 5 kilometers from Kiev, and provides services for organizing parachute jumps. On the "Chaika" drop zone you can perform:

the first independent jump with a round parachute from 800 meters from the AN-2 aircraft;
make the first jump according to the Static Line program from a height of 1000 meters from an AN-2 aircraft;
the first jump with a tandem master (tandem jump) from a height of 4200 meters from an AN-28 aircraft;
complete the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall Course) training program for subsequent independent sports jumps from a height of 4200 meters;
perform sport jumps if you are already a trained skydiver.
Association "PARA-SKUF" provides services of video and photography of parachute jumps.

Parachute jumps are performed during the warmer months (from April to November) every weekend and holidays. Jump reservations are made with the manager by phone +38 067 212-21-22. Registration for takeoff is carried out at the manifesto, which is located in the administrative building of the parachute club.

Holding sports competitions in the drop zone does not negate the performance of the first introductory parachute jumps and training jumps of athletes-parachutists. For more information about the work of the Association, follow the "News" section.

Premises and equipment of the drop zone:

an administrative building with a covered stowage room, manifesto and AFF classroom inside;
blade track;
a car for collecting parachutists jumping with round parachutes.

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