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Sat 12 Jan 15:00-16:30

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MEMORIAL HOUSE-MUSEUM OF T.G. SHEVCHENKO 5 Vyshhorodska Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 04074



(044) 432-76-27

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This time, we are collecting a presentation of a unique book-photo album by Vasily Galayby on "Kozinoy Bolot" "Photopomp. Kiev, which did not become ... "- K.: Comrade. "Research and Production Enterprise" Interservice ", 2018.

Vasyl Galayba is a keeves, journalist, widely known for research on the streets Khreshchatyk, Prorizna, Yaroslaviv Val, Andreevsky Uzviz, about architectural monuments, temples, monasteries, educational institutions, hospitals, features of public life.

Vasyl Galayba began to be interested in the history of Kyiv since the 1960s, and in the 1970s and 1980s he persistently walked down the streets of Kiev and photographed the old buildings, or as he spoke "collapsing". Soon they began to massively demolish, so Gallai galleries - often the only opportunity to imagine these buildings. Already became the bestseller of his book "Photospromin. Kyiv, which is not: an annotated album of photographs of 1977-1988 "(2000). In the new photoalbum of Vasily Galayby, significantly expanded and enlarged, the photographic lens of the author recorded the inexorable course of the Kiev building of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Kyiv scientist Yevgeny Makovsky and the author will present a book, the appearance of which was waiting for everyone who knows and loves Kiev.Report will be accompanied by a video.

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