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Modern Japanese Cuisine

Mr. Zuma is a modern Japanese cuisine restaurant, located in the city center and has one of the best summer terraces in the area. Top-notch service and wide selection of Japanese dishes makes Mr. Zuma a great choice for your lunch on the sunny terrace or dinner with great view over the city.

The restaurant chef, Daisuke Yoshizaki, created a sophisticated menu for you to enjoy all the accents of his native cuisine. As quality is top priority for Mr. Zuma, the chef makes sure that all dishes are cooked with the freshest and most original ingredients. Just come and treat yourself to a platter of delicious oysters!

Our chef barman Andrey Kuzhavky, the holder of prestigious Bar Spirit Cup, developed some of the most sophisticated cocktails to complement the Japanese dishes and even enhance their original flavors! Every month during the summer you’re invited to Mr. Zuma’s lively but classy parties, for tastings of innovative new dishes and an impressive barman show. Refreshing signature cocktails, light Japanese cuisine and live lounge music evenings make you feel on Mr. Zuma terrace as if you’re at a summer resort!

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