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“Very Well Café” is an evolving network of tasty and cozy cafes for family and friendly companies, with its own personality, a highlight in the interior and a culinary component.

A small main menu with simple, clear and popular dishes. Healthy and natural food cooked in the Spanish Josper wood-burning stove. Honest food for a fair price. The wine list consists of inexpensive, strong, noteworthy wines, complementing dishes from the restaurant menu. The main position of the chef is not to overload the dishes with ingredients, to cook deliciously and simply, in a family way. New offers from the chef regularly appear, timed to coincide with the new season, for holidays and for special events. Guests can enjoy a variety of dishes, from light salads to juicy meat. And of course, branded desserts: Napoleon with caramel sauce; warm apple pie with ice cream. In the daytime, guests are expected at hearty business lunches.

Very Well Café is a city cafe with a cozy atmosphere and a modern, bright interior. Family-friendly, homely with fresh flowers, wide windows and soft sofas. In the evening, pleasant twilight and candles make Very Well Café an ideal place for casual conversations.

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For two years, when I first came there, “Very Well Café” remains my favorite venue in Kiev. Everybody likes this place regardless age, nationality, social status or preference, “Very Well Café” satisfies every taste. This spot is like my friend with whom I’m sure that he won’t let me down in any case and it always meets expectations. The Menu is enough extensive, the dishes are of high quality, tasty & large portions. Sometimes their staff is busy, but they try to do their best and are moving like atoms among meridians of guests. Their “Napoleon” cake is really the best I’ve ever tasted. It’s a true quality at decent prices. I highly recommend this place for different occasions, it’s a bit noisy, but always great!
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Дмитрий Загребельный

Perfect value for money, lovely service. Always very tasty
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Roni Korotkov

Nice place for easy lunch. Napoleon cafe was amazing. Service was abit slow.
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Yaroslav Gurtovoy

Lunch is very appetizing. Portion are large for the price. The combination of sweet pears with various meets was very delicious. Menu is has Ukrainian and English. Restaurant and facilities are clean. Would recommend for lunch and dinner.
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