st. Lesya Kurbasa, 19a, Kiev

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АPRIL CITY is the Koltsevaya Doroga transport interchange hub, which combines the terminus of a light rail, 8 public transport stops serving 30+ routes, and intercepts parking for 1052 cars.
“APPRIL CITY” adjoins the main transport arteries of the Svyatoshinsky district - the Ring Road (passenger traffic more than 129,000 people per day) and Lesya Kurbas Avenue (passenger traffic more than 50,000 people per day), and the light rail terminal station, as an analogue of the underground metro, provides constant passenger traffic of more than 28,000 people per day.
For the convenience of passengers, all public transport stops are located in the APIL CITY common service area.

The “APPRIL CITY” complex is located in one of the most densely populated areas of Kiev. Svyatoshinsky district ranks 4th in terms of population density in Kiev, and this is about 465,000 residents. More than 42,000 people live in walking distance from the complex, and about 160,000 people live in the primary coverage area. “APPRIL CITY” is provided with a substantial flow of new visitors every 3 minutes!
In a 10-minute zone from the object “APPRIL CITY” Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district is actively being built up. As of Q4 2018, it has more than 155 new residential complexes. Note that according to analysts of NAI Ukraine, this district is the leader in terms of the volume of housing commissioned in 2018 in the Kiev region, with an indicator of 42% of the total. The projected population growth by 2023 is more than 250,000 people.
The total passenger flow of the location “АPRIL CITY” totals
more than 207,000 people a day.

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