Vulytsya V'yacheslava Lypynsʹkoho, 15, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01030

About the place

In the distant year 1986, the twenty-fourth and the final comic album of The Adventures of Tintin by the famous Belgian cartoonist Hergé was released. To honor the renowned artist’s mastery, l'art de l'imagination, and creative boldness, the idea of bringing back the adventures of Tintin saw reincarnation in Kyiv thirty years later. It came to life in the form of a Vietnamese restaurant & bar, where in 2017 the new twenty-fifth comic album is being written.

The decision to choose Vietnam was deliberate, because throughout Hergé’s whole series the young reporter Tintin and his loyal dog Milou had never been to this marvelous Asian country, had not had a chance to discover this unique world of the Vietnamese gastronomy. The refined and yet simple Vietnamese dishes can be compared to the ligne claire drawing style that the brilliant Belgian developed and popularized throughout his career.

Besides, the Vietnamese phrase tính tiền (to ask for the check) sounds very similar to English pronunciation of Tin Tin.

The restaurant & bar is located in the modernized site of the landmark Kyiv velodrome. This is quite symbolic as well, considering the wide popularity of bicycle culture in Vietnam. Worth keeping in mind that according to the Vietnamese religious tradition, similarly to the Proto-Ukrainian beliefs, the Wheel is a civilization-defining symbol. The Wheel of Life (bhavacakra / the samsara cycle) that had arrived in the Vietnamese culture from Buddhism is contiguous with the old Slavic solar symbol — the wheel as the Wooden Sun.

The Kyiv velodrome, Hergé’s first comic taking place in the USSR, and the legendary Vietnamese Phở soup synchronize into a single time axis at the beginning of the Long Twentieth Century regardless of their difference in planes of existence. And restoration of the links between the periods in the beginning of the 21st century gives Tin Tin restaurant & bar its unique ambience. To feel this genuine ambience our guests have to simply open the original comic menu and get lost in the adventurous journey through Little Vietnam in the heart of Kyiv, take on the role of Tintin who is getting to know the Asian gastronomic culture caught in the rumbling wheel of life and the eternal return.

Review 5

Olga Olga

Great for family dinners, friends’ reunions, lunches, drinks, coffee, pretty much I suggest you use any occasion to stop by! The good is of good quality and very nicely presented. Cocktails are strong and flirty. Staff is friendly, fast and professional. Very satisfactory experience! Recommend
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569 2009

Place to relax and enjoy. Completely satisfied with the kitchen, food was delicious, interior design is funny all in all very cozy. Staff was friendly and helpful. Could come again
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Darren Bryan

Great food, good service, fun interior in a quiet location. The TinTin theme is great but the food is even better.
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Dmitriy Nushtaev

We ordered a takeaway ice cream (it was still not hot), and the guys did not have a wooden spoon. They were not taken aback and gave us the usual. Thank! At the expense of food and cocktails - very tasty!
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Lola Khozhieva

Tasty creamy soup with a whipped coconut cream and cilantro...yumi
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