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EVOLUTION TENNIS CLUB organizes quality tennis lessons at five different locations in Kiev.

Evolution 1:
Kiev, Boris Gmyri, 2A
Evolution 2:
Kiev, Marina Raskova, 23A
m. Livoberezhna
Evolution 3:
Kiev, Voskresenskaya, 14V
Evolution 4:
Kiev, Obolonsky Avenue, 16D
school 239
Evolution 5:
Kiev, Kulibina, 11

The club is focused on a wide contingent of future and already held athletes. You can train in parallel with your children, and experienced coaches: candidates and masters of sports - you will help. Beginning to play tennis is possible at almost any age, starting from the age of four. The entire coaching staff with due regard for each student, and the training hours are full of variety.

Depending on the level of preparation, aspirations and age of the players, the groups have a division: kids, beginner level, advanced level, senior school age. Varies also the number of hours that club members spend on training. For example, you can train one to six times a week.

A children's tennis school can be your child's starting point in his future career, as there is a special group oriented to the sporting direction. Every year the club conducts training sessions, thanks to which every pupil from eight to sixteen years old has the opportunity not only to prove himself, but also to improve his skills.

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