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On April 21, 2013, we opened the door to our house called Gastrokafa "Plate", where we tenderly joined together our feelings and desires. In this project we met wonderful people who united and became a close-knit family.
Gastrokafe "Plate" is a large, bright restaurant, which comfortably houses a restaurant with a children's playroom, a veranda, a whiskey bar and a summer terrace with a children's playground, in the shade of the trees of its small botanical garden. Also on the territory - the Lavka-Bakery with a wood-burning stove and products of its own production.
In the gastrocafé "Plate" we are preparing what we love and what our children love! Our chef Denis Komarenko never ceases to amaze again and again! He created his own unique whole grain recipe without yeast bread on lively sourdough. From local farmer's products produces ham using prosciutto technology, cotto and coulatello, salmon gravlax and cold smoked salmon, goat cheese, feta cheese and mozzarella. And of course, natural ice cream with a taste of childhood. Using his knowledge, experience and technology, Denis with his team of cooks creates a smart comfort food, combining gastronomy with food for every day and the author's kitchen, which does not require white tablecloths.
In the bar "Plates" you can find homemade drinks, a large wine list and more than 300 names of strong alcohol from around the world.
In our project, special attention is paid to children and family recreation, organization of birthdays, family holidays, training and master classes.

Review 5

Tilden Moschetti

Very good food, good menu, and excellent service. We had the beef carpaccio as an appetizer and the lamb and pork shashlik as main course. Very delicious. We'll definitely be back.
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Stefan Pukallus

Nice place to join wit friends
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Maxim Garkavenko

Nice place with good design and food.
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Sergey Palamarchuk

Food tastes great, service could be sometime slow, but overall is fine. Doesn't corelate with prices though. Could be more guest related. The children room is present, so revenue is good for parents with kids.
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Vesta Borovskaya

Good quality food. Very tasty. At least 15 min waiting for dishes. Prices is little bit higher then usually in Kiev.
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