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Sup board in Kiev - surfing with a paddle, riding on a board with a paddle

X-Park is a world of fun. Here are collected extreme and just exciting rides for every taste. Here you can actively relax and plenty of frolic. The beautiful nature of the park Muromets (formerly Friendship of Peoples) is entirely at its disposal. So do not hesitate, go towards adventure. Take with you the company of your best friends, relatives or family - together more fun. For example, Sup board in Kiev will be an excellent activity for your entire cheerful company. Thanks to him, fun time in the sea of ​​positive will be provided.

X-Park offers you a new sport - Sup surfing for true connoisseurs of extreme sports. This is one of the options for active water recreation, which quickly became incredibly popular in the world, although it appeared not so long ago. In our area, he is considered a wonder at all. Therefore, you will have a chance to become one of its pioneers, and if you like it, then a great fan. In addition, you can do it with your friends, which is sure to be an excellent team activity on the positive wave.

Do you want to spend your water activity effectively? Sup board in Kiev is what you need
X-Park will do everything to make you satisfied with the chosen entertainment and time spent behind it. SUP is an abbreviation of the English words Stand Up Paddle. Literally translated, this sport means “surfing with a paddle”. From the very name it becomes clear the essence of this water entertainment. Paddle surfing is the optimal name for this sporting discipline. Rowers stand on the board and, guided by the oars, moving through the water.

X-Park has prepared everything you need to effectively engage in all-boarding. Riding on the board with a paddle is a pleasure. For this, there is the necessary equipment and equipment. For safety purposes, a life jacket is put on, then you take a special board and paddle. SUP board is not at all difficult, not only adults, but also children or even elderly people can easily cope with it. Also, it does not need to have special training. There are no restrictions, only desire is necessary.

In X-Park the best prices for surfing with a paddle in Kiev
Having come to X-Park to engage in SUP-weight-boarding, you will be satisfied. Soup surfing is a team entertainment in which you can devote your entire family. Here everyone will be in business and will be able to row for the victory of his team or for the sake of pleasure. You can also arrange cool competitions between friends. After spending such an active time, you will have a lot of positive emotions.

In X-Park, they will show you how to use the SUP board, a paddle board for swimming. Believe me, there are quite a lot of possibilities to use it and each of them is very interesting and fascinating. So you can diversify your holiday. This sport invented in Hawaii will help you look at the active water activities from a new angle. With it, you will definitely not get bored, and there is no place to be bored in our park, because if you don’t like this idea, then skimboarding will be an excellent substitute.

You should take with you for a walk or training:
- a set of changeable clothes (in hot weather, enough swimming trunks and T-shirts)
- a set of interchangeable shoes (old sneakers, sneakers, sport sandals)
- drinking water
- towel
- headdress
- sunscreen (optional)

- Alloy funds are issued only on bail. When renting, you voluntarily leave a document in the name of the bearer or $ 800. for every boat!

- When renting sap in the Park of Murom (Friendship of Nations), the rental price includes rental of the paddle / life jacket / (if necessary)

- When booking sapbord for one or more days with the export of boats to other rivers, rental of all accessories is charged separately

- Sapy are issued at the rental office in the order of a live queue from the range that is available

- No water or alcohol intoxication is allowed.

- Repair of equipment in case of damage the tenant pays for repair prices (with the exception of factory defects and normal wear and tear). Specially we will not carp. In case of loss or bringing the equipment into an unusable condition, the tenant is obliged to refund the full cost of the equipment.

Review 6

Roman Antiuhov

Найкращий прокат каяків та SUP в Києві
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Никита Бельских

Идеально для корпоратива. командный дух, сплошное здоровье на свежем воздухе. highly recommend
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Владислав Цегалко

Отличные Каяки шикарное место для плавания!
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Руслан Терновий

Чудове місце для активного відпочинку. Великий вибір плавзасобів. Ввічливе обслуговування. Ми придбали квитки на цілий день але діти вже через дві години змучитьсь. Прийшлось повертатись на базу, в касі нам без проблем повернули кошти.
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Andrii Lysenko

Напевно перший прокат водного спорядження відкритий в Києві. Тренуюся та користуюся спорядженням вже біля 8 років. За цей час асортимент виріс неймовірно. Зараз в наявності є практисчно все: різноманітні каяки та байдарки, прогулянкові каное, рафти. Все сучасне, багато моделей нинішнього сезону. Персонал проводить інструктаж та допомагає підібрати бажаний човен та спорядження. В акваторії є безліч цікавих маршрутів, від 30 хв і до повного дня. Велика парковка. Поряд кілька закладів харчування. Дуже затишне місце. Всім рекомендую!
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Anton Fedorenko

All kinds of SUPs, kayaks, tandems, rafts etc. Clean and quite water. Huge parking. A lot of food points.
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