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The length of the tracks is 25 meters, and there are only 6. There is a gym nearby with the possibility of playing handball and football, as well as a simulator, table tennis tables and courts for a large one. You can swim in the pool, and after, for example, visit the massage room and relax your back, hands and feet. For recreation with children, all conditions are also created here.

Price: one-time visit for an adult - 80 UAH., For a child - 35 UAH. There are season tickets. A medical certificate is required.

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Next to Recreation complex on Otradnoye


Beach "ParaSolya"

35 m. 1 Bakunina St, Kyiv

(098) 561-47-49

Social organization

Time Tu-154 fly

403 m. Post-Volynska Street, 5, Kyiv

(097) 154-15-41


AC клуб

869 m. Повітрофлотський проспект, 81, Київ, Київська обл., Украина, 03151

(044) 339-21-31


Football stadium

900 m. 5 Mykoly Shepeleva street, Kyiv


Ukrainki stravy

1,03 km. 22 Otradny Avenue, Kyiv

(044) 408-68-52


Aloha Poke

1,07 km. 40 Ushinsky Street, Kyiv

(050) 615-10-36



1,09 km. Medova street, 2, Kyiv

Sport Club

Paintball club "Bugai"

1,29 km. Povitroflotsky Avenue, 63

(044) 227-70-12



1,38 km. вулиця Героїв Севастополя, Київ, Украина, 02000

(044) 408-74-88


Royal Congress Hotel

1,43 km. Molodohvardiiska St, 32, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

(063) 237-08-88