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Extreme climb to a height of 91 meters costs 300 hryvnia and is allowed for those who have come of age.

Too fat or large people will not be allowed there either. Nothing personal - the last stage of the climb takes place in a limited space where you can get stuck.
(Those who climb to the top platform are attached to safety ropes)

The absence of precipitation, strong gusts of wind and temperature from + 5 ° to + 30 ° - a prerequisite for the rise.

In one go up, only two people can climb, accompanied by an instructor. The site will no longer accommodate.

The journey to the upper observation deck starts at 30 meters. There is a second, quite ordinary vertical elevator.

Before entering it, visitors are asked to leave all unnecessary items, backpacks, bags. And be sure to wear a safety belt.

In the tiny elevator car, an old emergency communication telephone with a Soviet quality mark stands out.
(When you are inside the Motherland, it becomes clear how complex this structure is)

The last jerk - up the stairs in the pipe, in which the claustrophobic has nothing to do. It is located inside the left hand of the Motherland, holding a shield with a Soviet emblem.

First you climb at an angle from the shoulder to the elbow of the sculpture, then vertically up.
(To get into the only hatch that leads to the upper observation platform, you need to be pretty slim)

A small round hatch - and you find yourself on a small platform surrounded by bars, at a height of 91 meters.

Above - only the tip of the sword in the other, right hand, at the level of 102 meters from the ground.

At the mark of 91 meters in 2019, 1,600 people visited.

Inside the sword is a special device that dampens vibrations.

Access to the cavity of the sword is also there, but only for the techies of the museum.

Review 5

Американский Гражданин

It's a really impressive statue this one and there's others all around this area,worth the walk for sure
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Alistair du Plessis

You can pay and take a trip up the statue and go on the viewing platform with some stunning views. To go all the way up the top there are some very narrow ladders so be prepared, they do confirm with you at the bottom that you are fit and capable of completing the trip up to the top. The museum is informative and worth a walk around if you are looking to kill an hour or two.
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Andy Briggs

Excellent views and a very tall figure/monument. The military vehicles and carvings of war were also worth seeing as you head back towards the city centre.
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Milan Mraovic

If you visit Kyiv you should not miss this place. I would recommend coming here in summer as in winter strong winds can ruin the experience. Very beautiful place to come and spend some time here. Territory is huge so be prepared to walk a lot. There are many things to be seen here.
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Joseph Motacek

This monument, memorial and museum is one of the most influential things I have visited in Ukraine. Anyone who wants to understand how the war started in 2014 and the sacrifices Ukrainian's made during WWII should visit this place. I normally don't enjoy museum's, but this one is very well put together and maintained.
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Next to Observation deck on the shield of the Motherland Mother Monument

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