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Monument to the founders of Kiev - Kiyu, Schek, Horiv and their sister Lybidi was established in 1982 in honor of the 1500th anniversary of Kiev in Navodnitsky Park (until 1993 - the park named after VM Primakov) near the Patona Bridge. The official name of the monument is "The floating Lybid", although most often it is called "a monument to the founders of Kiev" or simply "Rook".

The legend says that the princes Kiy, Shchek, Horyv and their sister Lybid founded the city on the right bank of the Dnieper and named it in honor of their elder brother Kiev. As Nestor the Chronicler wrote in The Tale of Bygone Years: "And there were three brothers: one, named Kiy, and the other - Shchek, and the third - Horeb, and their sister Lybid. Kiy was sitting on the mountain, where the descent was now Borichev, and Shchek was sitting on the mountain, which is now called Shchekovitsa, and Horeb is on the third mountain, which was nicknamed Horyvitsa. And they built the city in the name of their elder brother and called it Kiev. "

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Marcin Rzeźnicki

Great views, especially at night. Turn around and you'll see the Monument of Motherland
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Žilvinas Pavilionis

In 1982, Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and Lybid were depicted (standing on an ancient riverboat) in a sculpture at the river-side of Navodnytsky Park. The monument, created by Vasyl Borodai, soon became iconic for the city and has been used as Kyiv's unofficial emblem."
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Averyan Vasylyev

Great park, clean, though there is a church and restaurants with cars driving through the park.
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Tony Stark

Like historical place. Great views on Dnipro river.
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Artem L.V.

Awesome place with awesome views, comfortable park around
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224 m. 11, Naberezhnoe Highway ,Kуіv

(050) 383-12-12


Salon-restaurant "Deja vu"

239 m. Naberezhnoe highway 11B

(067) 442-08-87


Veranda on the Dniepro

242 m. Naberezhne highway, 11a, Kyiv

(068) 400-98-98


UN Memorial Stone

413 m. Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000


Dniprovska embankment

482 m. Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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The Motherland Monument

500 m. Zapecherna Str, Kyiv

(044) 285-94-52



500 m. Zapecherna str., Kyiv, Ukraine

(044) 285-94-52

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Observation deck on the shield of the Motherland Mother Monument

501 m. Zapecherna Str, Kyiv

(044) 285-94-52

Museum of the Becoming of the Ukrainian Nation

566 m. st. Lavrska, 27, Kyiv

(099) 015-04-52

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