19, Kostiantynivska vulytsia, Kyiv

About the place

Second Chance's store history began with a friendship. Our founders Nastia and Alice have known each other since their school years. The girls are not only united by mutual understanding and shared experience, but also by a similar lifestyle and views.

With the first rumors of an environmentally friendly and minimalistic lifestyle, the founders immediately joined these trends and began to actively follow them. After realizing that in Ukraine is now a time of flourishing environmental goods, the girls thought that before buying alternative hygiene or glass bottles, you can help the planet by giving a second life to things we already have.

That's how the idea of ​​Second Chance shop came about. Places where clothes give new meaning and owners. Aside from the fact that we want to teach people a useful habit, the focus on style and quality materials still leaves us. Thus, the brand is responsible for two tasks: protecting the planet from unused clothing and expanding the stylish cluster of modern Kievans.

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