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HUB Happiness is a new coworking project in the very center of Kiev, the main ideologist of which is Margarita Sichkar.

A place where ideas of creative people find ways to implement.

It is convenient to work here, have fun, it is easy to find like-minded people and partners, they help with the implementation of projects: from creating an idea to finding an investor.

HUB's happiness is:
1. Coworking HUB.
Places for fruitful work with full-fledged office functions.

2. Learning HUB.
The place where training takes place, the exchange of experience and knowledge. Conferences, trainings, master classes with successful people. Large (110 seats) and small (50 seats) halls we also offer for rent.

3. Creative HUB.

Own TV / Cinema / Photo School. Social projects. Own production studio of social videos. Kinogurman and literary club.

The main mission of the new space is a business incubator.
To help and educate young people who have their own ideas for business projects.

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