69 Saksaganskogo Street, Kyiv

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Mykel H

Normal people here :) Unlike other hostels in Kiev where directors are deprived of one other gender type or another or suffer from the notorious Ukrainian inferiority complex when interacting with a Westerner. Or, finally, tricking for another $$10 is not for the owner here or the directors. However it is on the third floor with no lifts as 90% of buildings in Kiev. One bathroom and shower room. Rooms for 2's or bunks for 8's girls and boys separate.2
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Yura Peleh

I would definitely recommend this hostel. Very friendly staff. I had no problems with checking in earlier, also they kept all my documents in their safe free of charge . Also they offered to keep my my luggage for free after I checked out, so I could spend more time exploring city.
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Vi Vi

It's good and cozy. Quite simple but clean. Price is super.
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Next to Happy Buddha Hostel

Quest room

Quest room Locked up. Safedock and Se7en

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259 m. 45, Zhilyanskaya Street, Kyiv

Quest room

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