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Sirius is the largest shelter for homeless animals in Ukraine. It was created in 2000 in the village. Yasnogorodka, then moved to the village. Fedorovka, Kiev region. From the first days, the shelter has been funded by benefactors and people who are not indifferent to animal problems. Since 2000, we have sterilized and found a permanent home for dogs and cats, helping humanely solve the problem of a huge number of stray animals. Over the years of the shelter's existence, more than 5000 animals have found their home.

Now more than 3000 dogs and cats live in the Sirius shelter. All animals of the shelter must be sterilized; assistance is also provided in the sterilization of homeless and domestic animals to low-income families in Kiev and the nearest settlements of the Kiev region. It is important for us to draw public attention to existing problems and implement effective projects for the benefit of society at the level of Kiev, Kiev region and the entire territory of Ukraine. We want to create conditions for a comfortable coexistence of humans and animals.

Unfortunately, our shelter cannot shelter all homeless animals, so we urge everyone to treat their pets responsibly, neuter dogs and cats in time, and also take them from shelters, and not buy them. Now the shelter is overcrowded and does not accept new animals. We are working to provide quality living conditions for over 3000 animals that are under our care. We would really like to help and settle new ones, but help us find a family for those who already live in the shelter. Think about them!

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