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Happy Paw Homeless Animal Charitable Foundation

The Happy Paw charity journey began with the care of shelters and over time has grown into a large number of projects and initiatives. And this is just the beginning of adventures, many more feats and accomplishments ahead.


- We began to promote humane treatment of homeless animals among schoolchildren and students

- The All-Ukrainian search system is beginning to return lost and found animals home


- The online store of souvenir products from Happy Paw has opened its virtual doors

- For the first time a dog from the shelter was taken into care at a distance


- Happy Paw started working with all of Ukraine

- A unique and touching innovation from Happy Paw has started - "Give a dog at a distance"


- We started to take care of cats

- Artist Marichka Ruban painted animals that settled on Happy Paw souvenirs

- The Bioethics project has expanded its activities throughout Ukraine

- For the first time, our Foundation, together with other philanthropists, organized an action "Reading with furriers" for kids


- We have launched a new modern website of the Foundation

- The first shelter was opened by joint efforts

- The screening of our animated video has started in the cinemas of the Planet Cinema network


- Held two charity "Dog Races"

- Expanded the geography of the project "Bioethics" to more than 10 regions of Ukraine

- We celebrated the 5th anniversary of the foundation


- Held the Third Charitable "Dog Race"

- In the framework of the project "Bioethics" issued a manual "Humane and responsible treatment of animals" and received the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

- Organized the All-Ukrainian lesson of good and set the National Record of Ukraine - "The largest number of lessons of good", which was held in one day


- Conducted All-Ukrainian kindness classes in preschool educational institutions in all regions of Ukraine

- Together with Purina Ukraine released the first board game "Happy paw"

- They set a new record for Ukraine in the number of lessons held as part of the II All-Ukrainian lesson of kindness

- Two playgrounds for walking a dog were opened in Kyiv

- Launched a project of preferential sterilization of domestic animals of low-income groups


- Conducted the II All-Ukrainian class of kindness for preschoolers

- Together with the agency Nebo launched an information campaign - Guru Quarantine, which was joined by stars, athletes, bloggers and other famous people

- With the support of Purina Ukraine, we have launched the project "One at Home" in which we help provide pet food to single people in Kyiv

- Conducted the First International Kindness Lesson on the topic of humane and responsible treatment of animals

- Started active cooperation with Monobank to help animals in shelters

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Place - where are born and multiply good deeds!
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