1, вулиця Миколи Лисенка, Київ, Украина, 02000

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Very interesting is the history of this monument. The gray Persian cat Panteleimon, who lived in a restaurant opposite the Golden Gate, became the prototype of the statue. Kotik was a favorite not only of restaurant workers, but also of visitors - Pantyusha was always a hospitable host and cared for every guest of the establishment, not allowing himself to rest until he checked whether everyone was comfortable at the table. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in the restaurant and the cat died, suffocating in the smoke. After a while, a monument to the famous animal was erected near the entrance to the same restaurant. The original version of the sculptural composition was together with the bird, but after several attempts of tourists to take with them a piece of Kiev as a part of the monument, Panteleimon remained there alone. Pantyusha is still a favorite to this day, but now not only guests of the restaurant, but tourists from all over the world. Hold on to the tail and rub the ears of the cat became a good tradition during photography near the sculpture.

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