Obolonska Naberezhna St, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

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Everyone knows the heroine of a fairy tale. The prince, a frog with a crown on her head, perched on a large rock on the Obolonskaya embankment. Not far from it is a goldfish and a monument of dog fidelity. This kind fairy-tale corner attracts both children and adults. By tradition with such monuments people's customs are connected-rub the crown and you will be lucky. Some even leave coins. A bronze monument is the work of the Uzhgorod sculptor Alexei Shamshura.

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An Dre

Гарний памятник. Київрада хоче перейменувати його на памятник тетяні чорновол - така ж сама за душею.
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Natalka Ryaba

Милий пам'ятник, встановленню якому не треба шукати пояснення :-)
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Next to Monument of Princess-Frog

Education and business

Центр Психоанализа

40 m. 12 E Heroiv Stalingradu Avenue, Kyiv

(044) 200-12-00

Rope park

Rope park on Obolonskaya embankment

54 m. Obolonskaya Naberezhna St, Kyiv

(095) 393-65-55

Cocoon Coffee

201 m. Heroes of Stalingrad Ave., 12G (k1), Kiev

(063) 226-13-94


London Coffee

217 m. Heroes of Stalingrad avenue, 16b, Kiev

(093) 959-14-00

Swimming pool


260 m. 14G Heroes of Stalingrad St, Kyiv

(050) 388-26-27

Melange Restaurant

288 m. Heroes of Stalingrad Ave., 14G, Kiev (Obolonskaya embankment)

(068) 527-65-96


Restaurant of Georgian cuisine "Sanapiro"

368 m. 20А, Obolonska naberezhna, Kyiv

(068) 781-06-09


Pesto Café on Obolon

548 m. Heroes of Stalingrad, 27, Kyiv

(044) 501-71-17


Why Bar Espresso&Cocktails

601 m. Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue, 24, Kiev

(073) 430-27-30

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