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Museum of Occupation of Kyiv is a branch of the Museum of History of Kyiv. Since its inception in 2008, it has been called the Museum of Partisan Glory. In 2015, by order of the Museum of the History of Kyiv, it was renamed Museum of Occupation of Kyiv.

The museum considers the occupation regimes through the prism of their activities in a specific place, namely in Kyiv. The main themes of the museum exposition are:
- The ideology of the occupation regimes. It shows that the political goals of these regimes were outside of Ukraine; they were considered only as a resource for their implementation.
- Occupation terror. This section highlights the fact that occupational regimes during their existence deliberately considered and implemented a policy of destruction and intimidation of the local population as the main means of ensuring their domination.
- Destruction of the urban environment. There it is showed how occupational regimes purposely destroyed or distorted the urban space in accordance with their ideological and political goals. The specified subjects in the museum are disclosed:
- photos and documents, personal clothes of participants of the events, leaflets, newspapers of the occupation period;
- samples of weapons and military equipment, which was used by the opposing sides;
- maps and diagrams.

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