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The temple complex with a landscape park, a block of guest castles and a family-type orphanage were built by one man, with inexhaustible energy, great willpower and talent - Suslov Ivan Mykolayovych.

Construction of the Temple complex began in 1999 according to the plan of Suslov IM and designed by architect Babich YI on the river Rostovitsa. It is a monument of mercy, strength of spirit and architectural art. During the construction, the historical canons of Ukrainian architecture were combined with modern ones.

Crossing the threshold of the Temple complex, we get to the central square with a flowering alley. On the right is the Cross of Remembrance in honor of all those who died during your life in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), during the Holodomor (1932-1933), during the liquidation of the Chernobyl accident (April 26, 1986) and in memory of Afghan soldiers (1979-1989). In peacetime, 14,500 young men died in Afghanistan.

On the left side of the alley is the fountain "Friendship of Peoples". For many years, this fountain adorned Khreshchatyk in Kyiv, the capital of our Ukraine. In 90th years during restoration of the area "Friendship of the Peoples" the fountain was dismantled. He would have turned into scrap metal if IM had not saved him. Suslov. In 2007, he managed to get the fountain transferred to the village of Buky as a relic of the Ukrainian people. And in 2011 they celebrated the opening of the fountain. A lot of effort and skill had to be put in to restore and put into action this giant.

Right along the alley we will get to the Church of St. Eugene the Great Martyr - a faithful Christian of his faith. The church was built in honor of the eldest son Eugene. It stands majestically in the form of a cross on the height of a rocky hill, and the roof on four sides resembles a dove with outstretched wings, symbolizing peace, the union of the churches of the Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchs.

At the bottom of the church of St. Eugene is the baptistery, where the Sacrament of Baptism is performed. The rite is guarded by 12 Apostles, disciples of Jesus Christ. The marble bowl is mounted on a bronze tree of life, and at the foot sit the Guardian Angels of the Tree of Life. After the Sacrament of Baptism, the power of the Holy Spirit descends on the baptized.

Next to the church of St. Eugene is the bell tower of St. Daniel - a prophet who firmly believed in God and was faithful to him. The bell tower was built in honor of the father of ex - the president of Ukraine Danylo Kuchma in gratitude to Leonid Kuchma (for the help and saving of a life of the son).

The bell tower is built in the form of a candle as a symbol of a believer's prayer, and the golden dome in the form of a flame seeks into the sky.

The bell tower is guarded by four sculptures of Saints: the Apostle Andrew the First-Called, St. Olga (the first Christian of Kievan Rus), Prince Volodymyr the Great of Kyiv and St. Anthony of Pechersk.

At the foot of the bell tower the entrance to the underground Cossack church is guarded by two angels. The face of the Holy Prophet Daniel is depicted on the door of his Temple. Daniel had the gift of God to understand and interpret dreams.
The first Cossack church in Ukraine, built in the new millennium: Kyiv - Mamayeva Sloboda - Stauropean Cossack Church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin.

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box fav

Очень красивое место. Однако сейчас (июль 2020) парк на карантине и когда откроется - неизвестно. Есть одно но, мобильного интернета от Киевстар и Водафон там нет. От слова - вообще. И рядом тоже нет. Сделать такой парк, но не поставить сотовую вышку - жаль :(. Проложить путь по Waze от Буки можно только через около 10 км.
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Думаю, что людей посетивших парк и не очарованных им нет. Этот парк - это райское место, куда хочется поехать ещё и ещё. Огромное спасибо основателю!
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Валентина Слима

Прекрасное место для отдыха с детьми! Масса впечатлений. Очень красиво! Есть где перекусить. Можно там провести целый день.
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Денис Лысенко

06/06/2020 - парк закрыт на карантин. Открыта только Церковь. Уточняйте график работы заранее. Есть смысл ехать только когда будет полностью открыто. На доступной территории всё очень ухоженно и красиво. Прекрасные пейзажи. На территории парка большое количество растений, скульптур. Один фонтан чего стоит.
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Очень красивый парк, недавно бывали там. Людей было немного и очень красиво, видно что люди туда вложили свою душу и время. Очень милые обитатели этого парка, некоторые ещё только выходили со спячки, гордый лев восхищает. Прекрасное место!!!
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Владимир Пашинский

Nice views, interesting monuments, cafe, place for walking with children
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Nice place for visiting and make good photos. But not big for free.
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Anton Yurchenko

Not a huge park, but quite neat and clean. You can cross it over in 20 minutes, but it's worth stopping to appreciate the view. Hopefully, there won't be too many people around so you could enjoy the calmness of the place. Pick a rock near the water and take your time relaxing. And then grab some ice-cream nearby to cool off (but don't expect to find a vegan one). Also, entrance is free, which has been a nice bonus.
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Oleh Kocherha

Amazing place! I was really impressed. There are the wonderful landscapes around - outstanding point to take some interesting shots. Local restaurant with traditional ukrainian cooking is acceptable. Good reason to take a short travel for your weekend
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Людмила Позняк

Amazing park in Ukrainian village. there is no WiFi and mobile connection and you can relax and enjoy by mini zoo, small statues of fairy tale. There is a wedding stone here - if you touch it your wishes about family/kids/grandkids become true. Will see:))
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