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Kostiantyn Goshchevskyi

Clean, modern, not so many people
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Сергей Нагибин

Отличный пар! Рекомендую
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Sergiy Shavgin

Супер баня. Парилка просто огромная. Чисто, красиво, комфортно. Рекомендую. Но в воскресенье очень много посетителей, лучше среди недели.
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Alexey D.

Very comfortable
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Serhii Mytsyk

Дуже гарне місце. Рекомендую
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Dimon Bocharov

Гарний пар, професійні баньщики, чудова атмосфера. Найкраща лазня Києва!
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oleh popenko

Баня одне із найкращих надбань людства.
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Ivan Alumov

Отличное место для отдыха,есть дни когда можно отдохнуть семьёй,бердысевское пиво супер, интерьер супер,парная правильная, персонал вежливый, всегда готовы помочь, процедуры супер.думаю это лучший банный комплекс в Украине,а может быть и на территории бывшего СССР.
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Василь Мохорт

Гарне місце відпочинку с друзями. За адекватні кошти
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Александр Новак

Отличные недорогие обеды. Порции огромные, подача ресторанная, кухня разнообразная. Все очень вкусно.
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Anton Beletskii

Great place that gives you a great taste of Russian-style sauna. I didn't have car, but tramway 12 stop is right there (Priorskaya stop). 1. Place is pricy (about $15 in Aug 2018 for a single entry) but worth it in terms of welcoming staff, cleanliness and good service. 2. Because it is public, they can afford one real stove with epic heat that will really test your heat tolerance. Also good for going solo - you don't need a company of 6 drunk Ukrainian friends to go. Only a couple of public Russian baths remain in Kiev as of 2018. 3. Bring all the usual washing stuff like soap, and shampoo - they also sell nice handmade soap. You can shave at one of the sinks too. Also bring slippers (Adidas-style is fine) and sauna felt hat. They sell slippers and hats as well. 4. Rent a towel and bedsheet from them unless you want to walk around naked all the time. Bedsheet can be used to cover yourself and to sit in the dressing area or at the bar. I saw some guys in swimming trunks, so this should work too, but you are not allowed to sit in the bar and dressing area without putting a towel or a bedsheet first. 5. Wash your body first in the shower then go into the sauna. Leave the slippers on the ceramic tiles and go up to wooden shelves. Put your bedsheet on the shelf and lie down. I managed 15 min, but your mileage may vary, 5-15 min should work for most folks. Closer to the stove and higher up is more heat. 6. After the sauna you have an option of jumping into the cold pool or using the cold shower (the one with the chain). 7. They have a bar with tea and beer; go for the tea. 8. After tea and cool down you can repeat the sauna. In any case, it's an amazing experience and one of the best things you can do to your body In Kiev. Highly recommended!
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Ruslan Tretyak

Отличное место! Все очень чисто и аккуратно. Большая парная, хорошая кухня и бар, наличие сопутствующих услуг (парение, массаж) делают отдых незабываемым. Лучшая общественная баня в Киеве.
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Igor Gachka

Дуже крута баня! такого пару ніде не бачив... все круто
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jesper ejlersen

I was here with 7 of my friends and it was one of our highlights on our trip to Kiev. Dont miss this place in Kiev, great place for spending 4-5 hours with your friends, sauna, massage and of course cold beer
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Kris Tashev

Great place for relax. High level facilities and services.
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