Brest-Litovsk highway, Kiev

About the place

If you are looking for the best suburban complexes of Kiev for a comfortable holiday in the nature, where you can breathe fresh forest air into your chest, then you will surely find among them "KRAKIV" - a restaurant and hotel complex near a busy highway, hidden from the noise and dust in the picturesque pine forest.

Our complex near Kiev on the Zhytomyr highway will pleasantly surprise you and will be a little distant from the everyday bustle. It is a kind of time machine: the complex is deliberately built in neo-Gothic style, planned in the image and likeness of the post offices that were littered with the Brest-Lithuanian highway of the last century. Combined with the traditional Polish cuisine of a local restaurant, a large number of greenery outside and natural materials inside, the atmosphere of the guest yard, complemented by the comfort of modern times, is recreated in the suburban Krakow complex. Where a traveler can eat a lot, warm up after a warm friendly conversation, have a little fun, and then sleep well-being in a safe room in a soft, warm bed. Only 15 km from Khreshchatyk, as if in another world.

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Next to Krakow


International Institute of Business

28 m. 8a Brest-Lytovske shose, Kyiv

(067) 524-89-49

Rope park

Rope park "SkyPark" Svyatoshinskoe lake

1,01 km. Victory Avenue, Svyatoshinskoe Lake (became №15)

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Svyatoshyn Lake

1,08 km. 21 Vladimira Naumovicha str., Kyiv

Child Center

Center for Early Childhood Development "Bdzhilka"

1,44 km. 1G Mykola Ushakova St

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Social organization

FOP Brai Nadezhda Vasilievna

1,52 km. st. Nikolay Ushakov, 1D, Kiev

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Library for Children named after M. Dubov

1,55 km. 12 Mykoly Ushakova St, Kyiv

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Sport Club

STAV14 Wake Park

1,93 km.

(063) 658-83-18


Church Theodosius of Chernigov

2,02 km. 2 Chornobyl's'ka Str., 2, Kyiv

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Porter Pub at Chernobylska

2,15 km. 16/80 Chornobylska St, Kyiv

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Chaika Sports complex

2,15 km. Chaiky, Kyiv region