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The bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral is the bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, a monument of Ukrainian architecture in the style of Ukrainian (Cossack) Baroque. It is one of the Ukrainian national symbols and symbols of the city of Kyiv.

It was built in 1699–1706 at the expense of Hetman Ivan Mazepa. It was significantly rebuilt in 1744–1748 according to the design of Johann Schedel, and in 1851–1852 the fourth tier was added according to the design of the diocesan architect Pavel Sparro. Vertical dominant of the Upper Town. An integral part of the National Reserve "Sophia of Kyiv".

It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List under № 527 (in the complex of monastic buildings of the Hagia Sophia). It is a cultural heritage monument of national importance, protection number № 1/2.

The height of the bell tower is 76 meters

The bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral belongs to the tower type of buildings, four-tiered. The base in the plan is 20 by 14 meters. The height is 76 m. In the direction from west to east through the bell tower is a passage. The first tier consists of cross walls 1.5–2 m thick that converge at right angles. It serves as a support for higher tiers, the thickness of the walls of which is smaller - probably to reduce the load on the first. In the first tier, the cylindrical vaults serve as the floor, the upper three tiers do not have interfloor floors. They are a tower consisting of four corner pylons connected along the perimeter in the area of ​​connection of tiers.

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