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The "Matsoni" cheese-making café is 250 liters of fresh farm milk that turns into a real Georgian cheese every day. These are thousands of khachapuri in a wood furnace and hundreds of thousands of khinkali, tons of shish kebab and rivers of Georgian wine. These are fervent dances and songs, smiles and lots of laughter

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Ben Ben

Nice restaurant, great atmosphere and food
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Coco Miaka

Matsoni is a magnificent place to spend time with friends enjoying Georgian cuisine and music. Some of the dishes were delicious. Some of them were really mouth-watering. The prices were not cheap for a café. It is probably more the restaurant than a simple cafeteria. Home made wine was fascinating for the connoisseurs. The atmosphere, design and music have made a massive impression and we are looking forward to visiting it again.
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Ivan Lazepniy

Really tasty dishes, nice and comfortable place.
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Oleksandr Alex

New Georgian place in the one of central part of Kyiv. Interesting interior and cozy atmosphere. They make own cheese, I ordered it as a snack for house wine, very nice cheese and by the way house wine also not bad. Khachapuri was delicious, I suppose it's made from their own cheese. The rest of the dishes were also tasty. Service was friendly. Restaurant is clean and has smoking place, if you smoke or prefer hookah.
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