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Japan is a real paradise for connoisseurs of haute cuisine - haute cuisine, where everyone will find something special for themselves, trying already familiar dishes or making unexpected culinary discoveries!
The cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun is a model of diversity, which for many years has not given up its position. This is largely determined by the fact that the Japanese relate to the reception of food and food in general from a philosophical point of view.
The restaurant IKIGAI, at the Premier Palace Hotel, has a mission: to acquaint residents of Kiev and guests of the capital with exclusive Japanese cuisine, where the menu includes a variety of salads, main snacks, sushi, sashimi and rolls, tepan-yaki and tepana dishes. In the list of main dishes, it will be possible to choose treats from fish and seafood.
An unusual offer from IKIGAI restaurant will be kaiseki sets. This is a specific sequence of serving 12 dishes, which carries a special ritual. A quick snack with a set will not work; here it is necessary from 1.5 to 2 hours to feel the whole palette of refined taste in an unhurried atmosphere with pleasant people. Mandatory components of the set are: chimi (delicatessen dish), hosun (small snacks), mukko-zuki (pickled snacks), van-mono (traditional soup), yaki-mono (baked dish), and agi-mono (fried dish in tempura )
Having ordered Kaiseki sets - the guest will receive not only gastronomic, but also aesthetic pleasure, and will be remembered for a lifetime.
Japanese haute cuisine is very diverse, and we really want to share it with you!

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