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There are no reliable and documented information about the presence of Tsar Peter I in this house. However, there is no smoke without fire. According to legend and urban legends, in 1706, during his visit to Kiev, it was in this house on Konstantinovskaya that Peter I stopped. And the king himself received the Hetman Ivan Mazepa. In Kiev, Peter I came to resolve questions about the preparations for the Russo-Swedish war. According to a note in the journal of the Tsar himself, he also stayed at the Pechersk Lavra, where he stayed for about a week.

The house of Peter the Great was built in the late 17th - early 18th centuries, when stone and marble buildings were actively built. The house was built on the territory of the estate, owned since 1663, the famous Kiev merchant family Bykovsky. Bykovsky at that time owned many yards, shops and lands in Podol.

In the 1780s, the Kiev Magistrate bought from Bykovsky almost all of their possessions for huge money at that time - three thousand rubles. It was decided to take up the restructuring of the house, which was performed by the famous Kiev architect Ivan Grigorovich-Barsky.

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Review 2

vadim mukhin

Музей закрыт на реставрацию, и, судя по всему, надолго.. но на само здание можно долго и с удовольствием смотреть снаружи.
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Адалят Мамишев

В сам домик не проникал, но перед домом были мешки, наверное шли восстановительные работы. Находится на Подоле, почти, что около метро.
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