street Resort, 9, Piskivka, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 07820

Prices & Services

Ранняя бронь (до 1 мая)
UAH5 200.00
Обычная цена (после 1 мая)
UAH5 800.00
Для переселенцев и воинов АТО - скидка
Для второго ребёнка из одной семьи - скидка

About the place

Children's Scout Camp “Gorka” - we will spend time with benefit and interest with your child! Active leisure, mobile and educational games, trainings, master classes, responsibility and discipline! And all this in the environmentally friendly zone of Ukraine.

Features of our camp:

  • ecologically clean zone of Ukraine, beautiful air and wonderful nature;
  • program in style: “Scouts” - hiking, rope tours, tents, bonfires;
  • master classes on making origami, weaving fenichek, crafts from natural materials, etc .;
  • balanced 4 meals a day;
  • accommodation in 5 local houses;
  • round the clock security and the work of the medical center.
  • The goals of our work are to reveal the child and his creative abilities in the conditions of psychological comfort and good mood, immersion in continuous creativity, positive thoughts and emotions!

Our team works to exceed all the quivering expectations of the child from communication, games, good mood and rest!

The number of vacationing children in the shift - 150 people.

Children's Scout Camp “GORKA” - we are always on top!

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