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Wushu Children’s School is a traditional martial arts school founded by Chinese master Mu Yuchun in 2005. Wushu is an effective human development system that combines the advantages of most popular martial arts. Wushu allows you to improve health, improve physical fitness, develop personal potential, master the skills of self-defense and gain confidence.

10 reasons why you should practice Wushu:

1. Health promotion

Most martial arts are aimed at neutralizing, destroying an opponent. Often, achieving this goal, they use methods and tools that harm the health of their practitioners. Wushu is a bright wellness character. The logic is simple: a healthy person has more chances to win than a patient.

2. Harmonious physical development

Many sports develop individual muscle groups in order to achieve maximum results. However, this is not a vital necessity. Much greater value is harmonious development. Due to the variety of techniques, all the muscles, organs and systems of the child receive work in Wushu, giving him the opportunity to grow up healthy and comprehensively developed.

3. Pleasure from classes

Perhaps the block-strike combination, practiced in some sections as a universal principle, will someday come in handy. And if not? In Wushu, physical activity is diverse and multifaceted - the child will never be bored. In addition, wushu is one of the most aesthetic and spectacular sports, which is why popularity among peers is guaranteed.

4. A deep understanding of martial arts

Few people know that Wushu served as the source and, at the same time, matrix for all the martial arts of East Asia. It is in China that the roots of karate and jujitsu (and therefore judo and aikido), Korean taekwondo and Thai boxing (Muay Thai), Japanese sumo and Vietnamese Vietnam are found. Therefore, when studying Chinese martial arts, the child automatically joins Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and even some Indonesian combat systems.

5. Intellectual growth

It is known that the nature of physical activity affects the development of intelligence. You will not find martial art more dynamic than wushu. And that means a more effective way to stimulate the mental development of the child through the body.

6. Developed sensitivity, emotional intelligence

There is a saying that the best fight is the one that did not take place. When practicing Wushu, the child learns to be attentive to both his body and the body of the opponent, includes awareness, imaginative thinking, develops his senses to hypersensitivity. Besides the fact that it refines and enriches his perception of the world, the child learns to anticipate dangerous situations and influence the outcome of the conflict before it even begins.

7. High cultural level

Wushu is the oldest martial arts system in the world. While practicing Wushu, the child connects to a powerful tradition that intersects with areas of knowledge such as Chinese medicine, calligraphy, philosophy and Feng Shui, which enriches him culturally.

8. A powerful incentive for personal growth

In addition to improving physical conditions, Wushu, like no other practice, most fully develops human potential (intelligence, intuition, awareness, creativity, fortitude, aesthetic taste, imaginative thinking, wisdom). Each of these properties is valuable in itself, and together they can improve the quality of life of a child, enrich his inner world and create the foundation for future success.

The purpose of Wushu classes is not to fight, but to live.

Actively. Interesting. Happily. Long.

9. Success

Due to the comprehensive development of Wushu, the child becomes universal, this helps him achieve excellent results in any activity, in any sport. Years of experience show that children with even very average abilities, after practicing Wushu for several years, become stars in any other section. The combination of physical and spiritual development directly affects the success of the child in the future and more broadly.

10. Benefits for life

Wushu is multidisciplinary. Everyone will find something to their liking: it can be a fight, staged fights or tai chi-bol ... Wushu is fun and interesting, the child naturally develops a taste for a healthy lifestyle, self-improvement. In addition to the quite tangible benefits today, Wushu can become a long-term investment: perhaps a child’s hobby will develop into a profession - there are very few Wushu specialists, and having been engaged since childhood, by the age of 18 the child will already have a good profession.

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