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If you are a big fan of fish and just adore seafood, but at the same time want to buy only fresh products, then you should definitely contact the company "Chernomorka". We will tell you about the many of our advantages, after learning about which in the future you will choose only our products.

What assortment can be found in our store?
The assortment of our online store is huge and any lover of seafood products will find here what they want. We are present:

Fish and seafood;


smoked and smoked;

pates and mousses;

and much more.

Among all this abundance you can find such delicious species of fish as goatfish, mackerel, flounder-kalkan, mullet, garfish and many others. Freshwater fish are also in the range. Crucian carp, pike perch, pike, catfish and others. For those who love seafood, we can provide mussels in the shell, various types of shrimp, baby octopus, rapana, etc. All this fish and seafood in Kiev can be yours!

Why us?
We will provide several irrefutable facts, why you should choose our store. Our company works in several directions:

Selling large quantities of fish and seafood. If you wish to stock up on seafood in large quantities, then our company will gladly fulfill your whim. It is enough to call the seafood shop in Chernomorka in Kiev and contact our consultants. Then you only need to place an order.

Retail sale of fish, seafood and products prepared from them. Another our advantage is that you can make an order even in the smallest quantity.

Fast delivery of the entire range of the store. Great for those who do not have the ability or desire to personally go for a prepared order. Just inform our consultants and the order will be delivered to the place you need.

Speaking about another features of our company, we want to say that we are proud of the quality of our products. Every day, the freshest products are laid out on the refrigerated windows of our sales area! Our seafood store cooperates with suppliers from other countries and accepts products such as oysters not only from Ukraine, but from countries such as France, Holland and Ireland.

In addition to all the proposed, we actively conduct reports in social networks, where you can see the real photos of our products. And also we invite our clients and just everyone who loves fish and seafood to our restaurants in order to taste the most delicious dishes prepared from our seafood delicacies.

Review 4

Leonid Glazychev

We had a delicious dinner with multiple kinds of fish, octopus, prawns, etc. to select from, all on display. Everything was cooked to our request. The only downside is that with the addition of street verandas their kitchen does not always catch up with the number of orders, and you have to wait more than you'd like to...
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Taras Tarasevych

Fresh and tasty! Spirit of Odessa in Kiev)))
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barry hudson

A hidden gem
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Andro Dadiani

Nice fish place. Quick, affordable, with good service personnel!! We tried fried mullets, goby and a bucket of mussels - these were delicious. Sprats - not good. Worth visiting if you feel fishy.
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