2 Obukhovskoe highway-2, Khodoseevka, Kiev region

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Dmitry Kalita

Nice location. Good service
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Игорь Тымчик

Good morning, afternoon, evening or night) !!!! Perfect place. It was interesting to spend time playing bowling with friends, but to my great regret and disappointment, this bowling club ceased to exist in this Megamarket shopping center due to the non-profitability and decrease in the popularity of this type of game. Now in this place is a sports club with exercise equipment, a swimming pool and a martial arts hall
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александр турчин

Very well. I recommend.
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Pro Logic

Of all the bowling in Kiev, I choose only Hang Glider! There are always free tracks. For an alternative - billiards, slot machines, alcohol competitions! Lots of free space! Good assortment of snack bar.
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Next to Deltaplane Bowling

Shopping mall

Мануфактура Outlet Village

62 m. 2 Оbukhivskiy highway-2, Hodosivka vilage, Kyiv region

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Lake in Khodosovka

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Swimming pool

Equides pool club

4,97 km. вулиця Чапаєва, 36, Лісники, Київська обл., Украина, 08172

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Sport Club

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6,21 km. вул. Ярова, 30, Hvozdiv, Kyivs'ka oblast, Ukraine, 08634

(044) 339-92-00

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