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Loft without borders - this is how the concept of Beef & Beer can be described. And it's not just about the premises. We are for lively communication, relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. A place where you can not be shy and be yourself. Eat what you love, drink what you love. Laugh loudly, ordering another glass of beer and hugging the farewell of your favorite waiter.

In our heart there has always been and is a love for meat. Almost all the main dishes, meat, fish, poultry, we cook on charcoal in the oven and on open fire. One of our chips in the interior is an open chamber for dry maturing of meat. It "rests" beef, which is used for steaks "T-bone" and "Cowboy".

We always wait for guests, but the doors of the restaurant open at 12:00 and work until midnight. We serve our famous steaks and accompany them with a wide range of craft beer from 12 cranes of the best 6 beer capitals. During the week, our boss prepares hearty lunches, in the evening you can host a big noisy campaign

If the soul requires not only bread, but also spectacles, we wait on Friday and Saturday - the walls of the restaurant are filled with live music, and the terrace is turned into a paradise for the fans, because we hung up the projector and broadcast live football matches.

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Вадим Короткий

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Антон Костевич

Смачна кухня та якісний сервіс!
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