2, Umanska St, Kyiv

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Anton Galkovskyi

Super for yourself and kids
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Valentin Osipenko

Don't follow Google shortest route here, it's built through restricted area!
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Paweł Górski

1. It is not expensive pleasure - 83 Uah one time ticket and 400 Uah for 8 times set. 2. Location is in the Centre but no subway station nearby - U have to take bus/trolley in order to arrive, Its nice to get by car but use google maps for the first time - no signs and once u get inside Its whole labyrynth before finding pool. 3. Locker and shower area are alright, polished ceramic tiles suck because combined with lots of water they become slippy 4. It is olympic lenght pool but it is divided into like approximately 15 perpendicularly - personally for me it is even better like this but somebody might dislike this 5. Many lines are reserved / ocuppied by different groups, in the evening time if UR individual swimmer most likely U will have to share your line with 1-3 other People Thats it, in overall nice place with few slight disadvantages => if your location is close, definetly worth recommending, if it is far from U - nothing special about it, find swimming pool in your area
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Next to Pool CSKA


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Swimming pool

Children's Sports and Recreation Club "Starry"

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