street Sichovykh Striltsiv 77, office 101. (entrance through the arch near the restaurant "Mafia")

About the place

Our studio was founded in 2011 by the ballet dancer of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine Iryna Melnychuk. It was then that Irina, fascinated by teaching for children, created the Children's Ballet Studio "Aurora".

Over time, the parents of Aurora's students became interested in ballet, so in September 2018, we decided to expand the curriculum to include classes for adults. This is how Iryna Melnychuk Ballet Studio was created.

We teach ballet according to the author's programs created by Iryna Melnychuk separately for each age group. The basis for the development of training courses was the system of teaching elementary school choreography according to the method of Agrippina Vaganova, which is considered the most professional in the field of ballet pedagogy.

Classes are held in bright spaces that are fully equipped according to the needs of each age group. The main priorities of our teaching practice are the comfort and health of the students of the studio, so we adhere to the cleanliness, ventilation and heating of our premises.

Ballet promotes good health, promotes physical development and the ability to concentrate for a long time, helps to understand the needs of your body and instills planning skills. Ballet practice is a therapeutic exercise (exercise) for the eyes and significantly improves vision by changing its focus; provides proper posture, gait and muscle support, is the prevention and treatment of spinal curvature.

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