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Hookah is an eastern joy, smoky pleasure that came to us from India. It is getting popular in Ukraine. In what restaurant you will come, everywhere there is a hookah menu. In our today’s selections, there are places that are worth dropping in for a fragrant hubble-bubble in Kiev.


Par Bar

10 Shota Rustaveli str., Kyiv

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Its interior is made in loft style: high ceilings, brick walls, summer terrace and even a bio-fireplace. One of the most popular Kiev places for smoky pleasures is the cozy ParBar, which is located in Shota Rustaveli Street.

It is always full of beautiful young ladies, because almost all the staff of ParBar is brutal bearded guys. In addition to hookah, they come here to eat and drink. The cuisine is mostly Japanese, and the cocktail card is extensive, varied, with author's drinks.

But let's return to the "smoky" menu namely, because of which Kiev citizens are coming to ParBar, booking tables for a day, or even for two. Hookahs here are divided into standard and widely known, for example, Arabic KhalilMamoon or AmyDeluxe, originally from America, and designer, glass, such as Submarine and Hi-Tech. The main advantage of the latter is that they do not oxidize and do not absorb the flavours and flavours of tobacco.

ParBar is ideal for the most fastidious smokers. After all, you can choose absolutely everything to your taste, including even a hookah bowl. If you are confused among the many brands of tobacco, do not hesitate to ask the shisha-masters. They will tell everything in detail, show and introduce you to the hookah, in which you will definitely fall in love.


Par Bar ²

11 Solomenskaya str., Kyiv

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ParBar makes a hit with Kiev citizens so its creators set up - ParBar2. Unlike the first one, the second is located far enough from the center. But perhaps, this is the most spacious summer terrace with hookahs in the capital, and there is even a sliding roof.

Par Bar2 has a conceptual design, again incredibly high ceilings, soft light and atmospheric picture of Alisa Mezhenskaya at the entrance. Another difference is a good cuisine with exquisite dishes and tables of different heights. If in the first bar the tables were low, hence the dishes that are most convenient to eat, then in the second one you can choose a table convenient for you - higher or lower.

Hookahs in ParBar2 are both standard (KhalilMamoon, AmyDeluxe) and designer (Temple 45, Submarine, Hi-Tech), and there are eight kinds of tobacco. Despite the fact that hookah is almost always being smoked, there is no smoke in the air. The exhaust fans in both ParBar work perfectly, and nothing prevents guests from enjoying a delicious and fragrant hookah.



Владимирская 61б

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The owners of this hookah place stakes on originality. And everything is out-of-order here, starting with the entrance to the place. Door of  "Shishka" is always locked, and one can open them only with a fingerprint. Traditional electronic music is not heard here on Thursdays and Saturdays; these days you enjoy the sounds of the piano.

The only thing that Shishka is little different from others is the interior: a stylish, discreet loft with brick walls, Edison lamps and metal pipes on the ceiling.

And finally, the most amazing hookah that attracts heavy smokers to the "Shishka" is the hookah on the Chabakko tobacco with the taste (!!!) of "milk oolong tea". If you like soft aromas, be sure to try it. But blow as often as possible, otherwise it will quickly burn.

Rabbit burrow (Krolich'ya nora)

Rabbit's hole

103 Saksaganskogo str., Kyiv

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This is not just a hookah, it is an adventure based on the legendary work of Lewis Carroll. The thing is that its interior is made in the style of "Alice in Wonderland". So while smoking a hookah you will be surrounded by Rabbit, Hatter and Cheshire Cat.

It's not for nothing that the hookah bears such a name - it is not so easy to find it, you will have to wander around the courtyards of the center of Kiev. But already having come / having dived / having made the way in "Rabbit Burrow", you hardly will want to get out from there. More than 15 kinds of high-class tobacco, a powerful exhaust fan and democratic prices will make for it. Even when it is hall-full, it is easy and free to breathe here.

FIJI lounge bar

Fiji Lounge Bar

Petra Sahaidachnoho St, 14В, Kyiv

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We issue for you one more place with the best hookahs in Kiev. The advantages of this cozy restaurant which is situated on Podol are: a spacious terrace, an exquisite cuisine, an author's cocktails and, of course, a relaxing hookah.

It is better to distract from the humdrum of daily life and a string of cases with the subtle taste of American tobacco Fumari. We particularly recommend the hookah on fruit, the most pleasant and fragrant of all. Fruit juice makes it taste more saturated.


Zmist bar

20A Pushkinskaya str., Kyiv

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In this place, as you understand by name, everything to the smallest detail has a special meaning. First and foremost, the stylish design, over which the professional of his work Jovan Yager worked. Black and brown colours, spacious halls, one of which with curtains, if you want some privacy - everything here is restrained and at the same time cozy.

In addition to hookahs, Zmistbar can offer a refined cuisine and an original cocktail card with author's drinks. There are author's and hookah mixes. More than a hundred different tastes - you can choose the one you want right now. Spicy, sweet, sour, alcoholic and strong - about each type of hookah is written in detail in the menu.

We advise going to Zmistbar for their extravagant and unusual hookah mixes. Where else would you try a hookah on a cucumber with a lemon or a hookah on a hot beer with spices and citrus tobacco? And by the way, you will also see the entire contents of your mix, because absolutely all the hookahs are served in the glass.

Author: Ira Maymur

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