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Pozniaky is one of the most dynamic districts of Kyiv, constantly evolving. Today, there are numerous places to enjoy delicious food, meet friends, or have a romantic evening. From cozy cafes to upscale restaurants, we've gathered the top 10 best establishments in Pozniaky that are worth visiting.


This is the third establishment of a well-known network in a more family-oriented format. The restaurant is two-story with panoramic windows, a spacious children's room, and workshops for kids held every Saturday.

Breakfast is served here all day. Among the dishes are croissants with various fillings, pancakes, savory and sweet cheesecakes, porridge, dumplings, "European" breakfast with goat cheese and sous-vide turkey, "French" breakfast with croissant, boiled eggs, and whipped butter, "English" breakfast with sausages, mushrooms, and bacon.

Also on the menu are various appetizers (classic antipasti, bruschetta), salads, soups, pasta and ravioli, 10 types of pizza, and desserts, including strawberry meringue roll, Basque cheesecake, Napoleon, and more.

Prices: breakfast with sausage, hash browns, savory French toast, poached egg, and Parmesan — 265 UAH, poached eggs with lightly salted salmon — 285 UAH, chicken broth with turkey fillet, boiled egg, and pasta — 165 UAH, Basque cheesecake with berry coulis — 155 UAH

Address: vul. Oleksandra Myshugi, 7A


7A Oleksandra Myshuga Street

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Klara bakery&cafe

This establishment in a new format was opened by the Kyiv network of pie shops "Aunt Clara" in honor of its tenth anniversary.

In addition to the locals' favorite pastries, there is a full menu here. In particular, breakfast is served all day (cheesecakes, porridge, "English breakfast"), first courses, main courses (cutlets, potato pancakes, beef stroganoff), and desserts (honey cake).

Prices: potato pancakes with sour cream — 87 UAH, Kiev-style cutlet with mashed potatoes — 159 UAH, cheesecakes with raspberry sauce — 127 UAH

Address: vul. Anny Akhmatovoyi, 30

Klara bakery&cafe

30 Anna Akhmatova Street

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The owners chose the name of the establishment by combining two words: "bee" and "street", as the café is located on Olena Pchilka Street.

In addition to coffee, you can order breakfast here, including cheesecakes and avocado toast, cocktails, and desserts.

BeeStreet is a pet-friendly establishment, where four-legged friends are welcome.

Prices: avocado toast with sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese — 195 UAH, cheesecakes — 180 UAH, tangerine latte — 90/100 UAH

Address: vul. Oleny Pchilky, 2


2 Olena Pchilka Street

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The establishment offers a variety of coffee drinks, different desserts, as well as several types of Ukrainian table wine with snacks.

Café "Makamo" is a wonderful location not only to enjoy fragrant coffee. You can visit here with your beloved pets, spend time on the mini-balcony overlooking the street, relax in a rocking chair for solitude, or read books.

Prices: flat white — 65 UAH, cappuccino — 55/75 UAH, cocoa — 55 UAH

Address: vul. Urlyvska, 5


5 Urlivska street

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Faine Bistro

This establishment has the concept of a Ukrainian bistro with French charm. The owners position it as a "fine place for fine people."

One of those who worked on the menu of the establishment was the brand chef of the V Rebro restaurant, Yevhenii Vyshnevskyi.

Here they prepare new variations of familiar dishes from local products. At Faine Bistro, you can taste appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, pizza, ribs, burgers, and desserts.

The bar menu offers a wide selection of strong alcohol, beer, cider, and cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, and tea.

Prices: beef carpaccio with aioli sauce — 257 UAH, eggs Benedict with prosciutto cotto — 190 UAH, cheesecakes with baked banana and salted caramel — 175 UAH, Margherita pizza — 225 UAH, Five Cheese pizza — 295 UAH, Four Meat pizza — 315 UAH, pizza with stracchiatella cheese and Mortadella — 275 UAH, Basque cheesecake — 155 UAH

Address: vul. Oleny Pchilky, 8

Faine Bistro

8 Olena Pchilka Street

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This is a bistro-bar in Pozniaky with a summer terrace.

The concept of the establishment is that author's breakfasts are served here from 10:00 to 15:00. At the same time, there is a calm atmosphere with light music in the establishment. Instead, from 15:00 to 22:30, the bistro turns into a bar, and the light dims.

Prices: "Akmatova under the Hollandaise 2.0" — 279 UAH, "City Pozniaky" — 229 UAH, pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream — 180 UAH, asparagus with honey bacon — 289 UAH, salad with torn chicken and fried potatoes — 245 UAH

Address: vul. Anny Akhmatovoyi, 44A

SVOI bistro bar

44a Anna Akhmatova Street

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Very Well Cafe

Very Well Cafe is a network of family urban cafes with tasty and understandable food. One of them operates in Pozniaky.

Most dishes in the establishment are Italian. Breakfasts are served here from 11:00 to 13:00, including various omelets and egg dishes, avocado toast, and cheesecakes with cherry sauce and sour cream.

Additionally, the establishment offers business lunches, available on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00.

Prices: omelet with bacon, sausage, tomato salad, and feta cheese — 200 UAH, egg dish with smoked salmon, tomato salad, Philadelphia cheese, and guacamole — 269 UAH, cheesecakes with cherry sauce and sour cream — 160 UAH, avocado toast with poached eggs, smoked salmon, Philadelphia cream cheese, and arugula — 249 UAH

Address: Dniprovskaya Naberezhna, 26Ж

Very Well Cafe

26Zh Dniprovska naberezhna

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Argentina Grill

A network of modern Argentine cuisine restaurants, industrial interior in signature turquoise-gray tones, Argentine Parrilla grill, business lunches, breakfasts, Hesper, children's menu, wine and cocktail lists, table reservations.

Argentina Grill is a network of conceptual meat restaurants that introduce guests to the features and original flavors of Argentine cuisine. The restaurant's separate asado menu features steaks from Ukrainian and American dry and wet-aged beef, prepared on the Argentine Parrilla grill and in the Hesper. Breakfast is served at the establishment from 10:00 to 12:00, and the breakfast menu includes poached eggs, brioche with ham and mozzarella, and chicken liver pate.

Prices: poached eggs on toast with bacon, guacamole, cherry tomatoes, and hollandaise sauce — 299 UAH, poached eggs on toast with salmon, guacamole, and hollandaise sauce — 299 UAH, chicken broth, chicken liver pate, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, and crispy toasts — 299 UAH, brioche with sesame, baby mozzarella, arugula, egg, and Parma ham — 299 UAH

Address: vul. Anny Akhmatovoyi, 22

Argentina Grill in Poznyaki

22 Anna Akhmatova Street

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With the start of russia's full-scale invasion of Kyiv, many bars, restaurants, and cafes founded by immigrants have opened. We've compiled 8 establishments whose owners have started a new life in the capital and delight Kyiv residents with delicious dishes and drinks.

Par Bar ³

This is a conceptual pre-party bar and restaurant with Asian and European cuisine. The interior design for the establishment was taken care of by the YODEZEEN studio.

At the center of the premises is an open kitchen with a bar counter, and near the terrace is a wine cabinet that holds 500 bottles of wine. The interior design for the establishment was taken care of by the YODEZEEN studio.

The Par Bar ³ menu includes about 120 items: appetizers, salads, soups, main courses, and desserts. For breakfast, you can order several types of croissants, an omelet with three cheeses, cheesecakes with sour cream and mango coulis, and poached eggs on toast with turkey.

Prices: croissant with guacamole and gravlax salmon — 415 UAH, poached eggs on toast with turkey — 255 UAH, omelet with three cheeses — 270 UAH, cheesecakes with sour cream and mango coulis — 260 UAH

Address: Dniprovskaya Naberezhna, 28

Par Bar ³

Dniprovska Embankment, 28, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02132

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"Cookmaster" is a three-story conceptual house-restaurant with author's cuisine. The establishment can accommodate up to 450 guests.

"Cookmaster" has an open kitchen, a separate stage for concerts, two banquet halls, a children's space "Kukholaktika," an open green terrace, and a playground for children.

The menu offers author's dishes based on old family recipes. There are appetizers "For a tooth," salads and Italian dishes, five types of soups, flour and rice dishes, main dishes of meat, poultry, fish, and seafood, oysters, garnishes, dishes for companies, sweet pastries, and desserts.

Prices: Poltava potato dumplings with white mushrooms — 210 UAH, braised veal cheeks with forest mushrooms and mashed potatoes — 310 UAH, pasta with shrimp in tomato sauce — 335 UAH, tiger shrimp tails with cocktail sauce — 585 UAH

Address: vul. Yelizavety Chavdar, 36


st. Elizavety Chavdar Street, 36, Kiev

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