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Looking for the perfect place to relax by the water near the capital? From hotels near lakes and rivers to recreation bases with pools, there are plenty of options for spending time in nature in the Kyiv region. In this article, we've compiled the top 15 places where you can enjoy the natural beauty and relaxation by the water.


The suburban complex DOGODA is located in a truly picturesque place. On one side, there is a large pine forest stretching for many kilometers. On the other side, there is the valley of the Irpin River with landscapes of the sunset.

The owners of DOGODA have transferred full-fledged urban housing to a forest glade. The complex offers guests large and small cottages. The former are suitable for 4-6, the latter for 2-4 people.

Each cottage has a spacious living room with a dining table, a bedroom, a workspace under the window, a full kitchen with a refrigerator and dishwasher, and a bathroom with a shower.

Additionally, each house is equipped with its own sauna, has a fireplace with panoramic views, spacious terraces among the trees, and large windows overlooking the forest.

Moreover, on the territory of the complex, there is a cafe, and soon a swimming pool and a summer terrace with sun loungers will be opened.

Address: Kyiv region, village Dzvinkove, Berezova Street, 4

Prices: large cottage — from 6900 UAH, small cottage — from 5100 UAH

Google rating 4.9


4 Berezov Street, Dzvinkove, Kyiv region

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Eden Resort

Eden Resort is a boutique hotel on the shore of the Kyiv Sea. Here you can relax in cozy rooms of wooden houses. The owners call the suburban complex "a place for the soul, based on unity with nature, a healthy lifestyle, and sports".

Eden Resort offers plenty of water activities. Some are paid, some are free. From May to October, you can relax on your own beach and swim in the bay of the Kyiv Sea. Also, in Eden, they installed a raft on the water. There you can barbecue meat, sunbathe on the second floor, or nap in a hammock.

And these are not all the entertainments. At Eden Resort, you can swim in a heated pool, visit Finnish and Japanese saunas, go boating, kayaking, SUPing, or catamaraning, go fishing, and much more.

Health enthusiasts will enjoy the suburban complex — there is ping-pong, badminton, football, volleyball, and boxing.

Address: Kyiv region, village Yasnohorodka, Berezhetska Street, 2

Prices: room for 2 people — from 1600 UAH

Google rating 4.7

Eden Resort

2 Berezhetska street, village Yasnohorodka, Kyiv region

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"Knyazhyy Dvir"

Looking for a place to relax by the water in the Kyiv region? The hotel and restaurant complex "Kniazhy Dvir" is a wonderful place for a suburban holiday on the lake shore.

Here, guests are offered two types of accommodation to choose from - wooden log houses, each with an inner courtyard with gazebos, or hotel rooms in modern and Provence style.

In the complex, you can fish in the artificial lake, rent a fishing rod, rent a wooden gazebo with a barbecue, visit the sauna, or visit the billiard room.

Moreover, on the territory of the complex, there are a swimming pool, volleyball and football fields, and a children's playground.

Prices: log cabin — from 1100 UAH, hotel room — from 1100 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, village Kniazhychi, Stohniya Street, 39-39A

Google rating 4.2

Knyazhyy Dvir

39–39A Stogniya Street, Knyazhychi village, Kyiv region

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Sobi Club

The suburban complex Sobi Club is located in a pine forest, in the recreational zone between the Kyiv Sea and the bypass channel of the Dnieper River.

For accommodation here, they offer rooms in the modern Sobi Hotel, wooden cottages, and accommodation in the pine building.

Among the entertainment and relaxation procedures in the complex, there is a SPA center, pools, water slides, a beach, Old Slavic baths, cozy gazebos in nature for large companies, tennis courts, bike rides, and rowing boats.

Prices: Sobi Hotel — from 3500 UAH, cottages — from 3050 UAH, rooms in the pine building — from 2300 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, Vyshhorod district, 1000 meters from the Kyiv Hydroelectric Power Station towards Khotianivka village

Google rating 4.4

Sobi Club

Khotyanivka, Kyiv region

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SHELEST is a suburban complex located near the village of Lebedivka on the shore of the Kyiv Sea. It is positioned as a place for quiet ecological recreation and reunification with nature.

The complex has a hotel and separate cottages for accommodation. There is also a restaurant, two large pools, one children's pool, and a sauna. Additionally, at Shelest, you can sign up for massage and spa treatments.

Prices: room with terrace — from 3350 UAH, family house — from 10000 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, Vyshhorod district, Kyiv Reservoir dam, towards the village of Lebedivka

Google rating 4.1


Dam of the Kyiv Reservoir, Lebedivka

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Selfish Club

In this suburban complex, located 55 km from Kyiv, guests are accommodated in two-story houses on the water. Among them are standard cottages and ones with a sauna, as well as entire residences completely hidden from prying eyes.

Right from the private pier, every guest can embark on a boat trip along the Dnieper River.

Among the entertainment and relaxation procedures in the complex are a pool, sauna ceremonies and treatments, massage, fishing on lakes, mini-golf, riding gyro scooters, electric scooters, electric bikes, kayaks, and SUP boards, a game zone, a sports ground for tennis or basketball, and more.

Prices: room in a water house — from 280 €, water house with sauna — from 800 €, private residence — from 3700 €

Address: Kyiv region, village Kyiliv, Naberezhna Street, 21

Google rating 4.5

Selfish Club

Kiylov village, Naberezhnaya street, 21.

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The BORO CLUB suburban complex covers 10 hectares of its own territory, a large lake, and 140 hectares of surrounding forest.

You can live here in cozy cottages by the water for every taste and for different numbers of vacationers. Choose the one you like.

Also available for guests are a cafe, sauna, fishing, children's and sports playgrounds, as well as a terrace for holding events.

Prices: cottage — from 3000 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, village Halynka

Google rating 4.8


1B Tsentralna street, village Halinka, Borodyanka, Kyiv region

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For those whose relaxation is incomplete without full SPA relaxation, we have collected health complexes located near Kyiv that deserve the highest ratings.

TITA family house

TITA family house is a suburban complex near Kyiv that offers family-oriented leisure. It is located near a pine forest on the shore of a lake.

In the complex, you can stay in a cozy hotel or in two-story cottages.

Guests here are offered a panoramic restaurant with author's cuisine, a pool, a bar, and a beach, a football field, a Finnish sauna, a barbecue area, fishing, a whole floor for children's entertainment, outdoor attractions, and more.

Prices: cottage — from 10000 UAH, hotel room — from 4000 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, Hnidyn, Ozerna Street, 1A

Google rating 4.4

TITA family house

1 A Ozerna street, Hnidyn, Kyiv region

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The country hotel "Glibivka" is a suburban recreational complex located on the picturesque shore of the Kyiv Reservoir, half an hour's drive from Kyiv. It covers an area of 4.7 hectares and includes both coastal and forested areas.

The territory houses a spa center with various relaxation services, a restaurant, a fitness club, a sauna, as well as outdoor and indoor pools.

Accommodation at "Glibivka" is possible in various conditions: in hotel rooms, cottages, and modern townhouses with panoramic windows.

Fans of active leisure will appreciate the tennis court, mini-football field, badminton and table tennis courts, bicycles, catamarans and kayaks.

Prices: hotel room — from 4000 UAH, cottage — from 6800 UAH, townhouse — from 8100 UAH with breakfast

Address: Kyiv region, village Hlubivka, Zeleny Bir tract, 9

Google rating 4.5


9 Zeleny Bir tract, Glibivka village, Kyiv region

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The suburban complex Morewell is located 40 kilometers from Kyiv in the village of Tolokun on the shore of the Kyiv Reservoir. For accommodation here, there are standard rooms with views of the courtyard or the reservoir, family rooms, and suites.

At Morewell, guests can go boating, buggy, quad biking, cycling, scootering, and biking, as well as play paintball and laser tag.

At the same time, lovers of relaxation can enjoy lounging on a sun lounger, have a massage, or swim in the 25-meter outdoor pool. In winter, there is an indoor pool.

There is also a barbecue park and fishing available on the territory of the complex.

Prices: room - from 3700 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, village Tolokun, Kyivska Street, 43A

Google rating 3.9

Morewell Country complex

43A Kievska street, Tolokun village

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Hotel SPA

Hotel SPA is a boutique hotel located near a lake in a deciduous-pine forest 17 kilometers from Kyiv.

Here you can stay in rooms of 5 categories, including two-room suites with private jacuzzi, as well as a VIP villa in a modern urban style.

The territory features a spa center with various body care procedures, as well as the "Skipper" restaurant.

Hotel SPA offers four pools in total. Choose the one that suits you best: outdoor, indoor, children's, and a spa pool with hydromassage. There is also a bar near the pools.

Prices: room — from 2300 UAH, VIP villa — 10500 UAH

Address: Kyiv region, town Vorzel, Horkoho Street, 24

Google rating 4.6

Skipper: SPA, restaurant, boutique hotel

Gorky Street, 24, Vorzel, Kyiv region.

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"Dva Vesla"

If you're specifically looking for waterfront vacation bases near Kyiv, take a look at "Dva Vesla". It's a complex with cozy, fully equipped cottages located 30 kilometers from the capital.

The cottages are situated on the banks of the Dnipro River. They can only be rented on a long-term basis — from a month.

On the premises, there's a restaurant on pontoons, a private beach, a grill area, a tennis court, a basketball court, a ping pong table, outdoor fitness equipment, a children's area, and a garden where you can pick fruits straight from the trees.

Prices: from $1200/month

Address: Kyiv Oblast, Vyshhorod, Dnipro Massif, 1

The vacation base doesn't have a Google rating yet

Dva Vesla

1 Massiv Dnipra, Vyshhorod, Kyiv region

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SOSNOVEL is a suburban complex located in a picturesque pine forest.

For comfortable accommodation, there's a hotel and Scandinavian-style cottages with private terraces.

SOSNOVEL is positioned as a place for full-fledged relaxation away from the city bustle. Choose your suitable option: an exciting weekend on ATVs and buggies, relaxation in the spa, a barbecue day with family, or water activities in the pool.

There are also Carpathian tubs, a mini zoo, boat trips, a children's room with a nanny-animator, workshops, and a children's playground.

Prices: room — from 3900 UAH, chalet — from 5500 UAH

Address: Kyiv Oblast, village Voropaiv, Kyivska Street, 100

Google rating 3.7


100 Kyivska St, Voropaiv

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"Bobritsa Dacha"

The "Bobrytsa Dacha" complex is located in the village of Bobrytsia, just 20 kilometers from Kyiv. The territory houses a restaurant and a hotel offering 11 rooms of various categories.

Near the complex, there is a lake where vacationers can go fishing. From morning yoga to cycling in the forest and barbecue by the water, "Bobrytsia Dacha" offers many leisure options to choose from.

For complete relaxation, you can steam in the sauna, relax in a Carpathian herb tub under the open sky, and order a relaxing massage.

The complex also has two pools: for adults and children. Their greatest advantage is the incredible view of the lake and the forest. There's a bar next to the pools.

Prices: room — from 1840 UAH

Address: Kyiv Oblast, village Bobrytsia, Kozatska Street, 77

Google rating 4.6

Bobritsa Dacha

77 Kozatska Street, Bobrytsia

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Osocor House

Here you can enjoy a vacation in two cozy cottages near a pine forest on the bank of a river, just 30 minutes from Kyiv.

The cottages are designed for two people and have one bedroom with a large bed, a kitchen-living room, and a terrace with picturesque views of the river.

Prices: cottage — from 3400 UAH

Address: Kyiv Oblast, Boryspil Raion, village Kyiliv

Google rating 4.4

Osocor House

Kyliv, Kyiv region

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