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Our main task is to depart from the protocol of restaurants. Between the consumer and a glass of wine in the restaurants there is sommelier and wine card, the prices are multiplied by five. We want to break this system.

Once you visit the WIN Bar once you understand that WIN is not just a place where you can drink wine. We offer you a new culture of consumption both in drinks and in dishes.

We are located in Podol, in an old two-story building, the project of which was completed around 1820. It is known that in the 30-40 years of the nineteenth century it hosted a pharmacy called "Hygiene". Now we are practicing enoterapia here.

Review 5

barry hudson

Best wine bar in Kiev. Choose the cauliflower steak... excellent
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Kateryna Sokolova

One of my favorite places in Kiev! Tasty food, good vine list and amazing friendly atmosphere. There are always so many interesting people! ❤️
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Great place. For everyone. To come there with family, with friends. To spend there your date is absolutely great idea. Tasty, delicious cuisine. I'd say restaurant's cuisine is Mediterrian. There you can recognise Italian and Spanish culture. Win Bar. They provide wide range of wine from Europe, Africa, South and North America. There is a room downstairs for 12-15 guests. You can book it to have a personal party. Service is really good. And notice please. The best way to have some fan there is to find a babysitter for your kids.
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Helmut Saathoff

Fantastic! For me this is the best Restaurant in Kyiv so far. Exceptional quality and service. All courses where simply great. I recommend the Duck which was the best I ever had so far. Wine lovers will love this Place. A huge choice of World Wide Wines. The Location is a Masterpiece. See you soon again!
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Ivan Ivanovich

Nice selections of wines. Good skilled bartender. Nice appetizers available. Haven't tried full courses cause who eats at wine bars anyways )
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