18/29 Ivan Mazepa Street, Kyiv

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Wake CUP Bar works in the rhythm of a big city, hurrying together with passersby and at the same time, giving them minutes of peace and quiet. This is a place where time stops for a few minutes. Running here can take a deep breath, sip on some delicious coffee and continue your journey, boldly heading toward a new day.

Wake Cup Bar is a symbiosis of delicious and fast food, a friendly atmosphere and democratic prices. Here you can have a delicious and quick breakfast, watching the city wake up on the Dnieper, here you can have lunch with colleagues, get away from the busy bustle and rushing everyday life, here you can drink delicious coffee, watching passers-by and talking with friends. Here the atmosphere is born by itself and the mood is set by the guests.

Behind the cozy tables you can meet completely different people, which is the philosophy of the place - here are students preparing for exams, conservative officials studying the press at lunch, families with children, and noisy young people having coffee on the way to the park. This place is imbued with the atmosphere of the city and here everyone will find their place.

Wake CUP Bar - A place with an open kitchen and an open mind!

Review 5

Agnietė Vėbraitė

Loved this place! In our stay in Kyiv we came twice because the food was sooo good! Nice staff and even better food. Highly recommended.
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Olenka Bufanka

Very comfortable place. Delicious food, the most tasty fish burger I’ve ever tried:)
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Diana B.

Friendly stuff,amazing coffee good wifi.
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Pavlo Kostrytsia

Delicious food. Friendly staff. Nice and cozy interior. I was mostly surprised by eco friendly straws.
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Bogdan Beloshitskyy

Nice place. Middle portions. Polite staff, clean WC, nice wifi. I took carbonara , portions not very big, but enough.
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