21 Velyka Vasylkivska Street, Kyiv

About the place

In the center of Kiev, on Leo Tolstoy Square, lies the legendary Italian restaurant Under Wonder, founded in 2009 by Galina Frunze and Mykola Holotin.

The refined interior of the establishment is intelligently simple and multifaceted. The atmosphere of the restaurant is full of serenity with an urban taste of freedom. Here you can afford the luxury of a muted conversation with the accompaniment of original Italian cuisine. Visit us to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and taste.

Review 5

Anna Berg

Salad with chicken and strawberries was literally unforgettable. Portion was quite small but it was worth to try! Friendly and helpful staff. Our waiter was extremely nice and polite to us. We really appreciate it. Under Wonder could offer great meeting facilities. Highly recommend Under Wonder Restaurant to all of you!
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Mario E Mercier

Tonight was an unbelievable night dinning at this restaurant. Everything was wonderful. Great food, great atmosphere, and the best service I have found anywhere in the 36 countries I have been. I will come back to this restaurant again. Thank you for caring for service .
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Alex Shulz

Very hommy interior. Supper friendly stuff with absolutely delicious food. Also liked that silverware alone with glasses, cups etc being very clean and appeared new.
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Jérémy Cochoy

Nice place, comfortable, good food and affordable prices. Very strange/creative ice cream and drinks. I won't eat them everyday but it was a curious experience I enjoyed. ????
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Outstanding, outstanding food at 4am. Very comfortable ambience. The server did not have the best attitude and also tried to charge me double the price she had originally quoted me for one off-menu item I requested. I still paid about 25% more for it than she told me when I first asked about - and I triple checked with her to make sure she wasn't making a mistake in English - but I guess that is Ukraine. Final note, though it's not at all the restaurant's fault, is that some sketchy characters do hang out here at night. One guy who seemed like he was on drugs literally sat down unannounced at my booth while I was eating and started saying weird things to me in what sounded like Russian. But this stuff happens at every late night restaurant in every city. They dealt with him swiftly. I highly recommend this place despite the imperfect severs. If the restaurant upped its customer service attitude among the waiters when it comes to English-speaking customers, it would be hands down 5 stars.
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