Nicholas Pymonenko, 13, 6a / 21, Kyiv

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Pavlo Kochubei

The most comfy co-working in Kyiv.
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davidsschool davidsschool

A great place. You can meet my English school, other great talented people and software engineers here.
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Tedrowe Bonner

I travel a lot for work, and finding Tceh Club was extraordinarily helpful. This co-working venue is very well designed, with very good natural and fixed lighting. It is very spacious, and has a full range of amenities. The club has a very productive ambiance that balances quiet working space with just the right level of background noise of people collaborating. It is very easy to be comfortable. There is a great community of entrepreneurs here who are very friendly and working to develop amazing ideas. I highly recommend Tceh Club if you are looking for a great place to work.
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Stefán Örn Einarsson

Great Co-Working place in the heart of Kiev. Excellent staff, great atmosphere and professional work surroundings. The office is brand new, stylish and clean. Much recommended for Startups, techies and creative folks!
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Anya Lemeshko

I had a great pleasure spending time working at TCEH for a few reasons: it all starts from human connection, and this is truly something that is valued in this workspace. Every time i'd come to the club i'd feel most welcomed and talking to the staff members would always feel like catching up with some good friends. Plus! they all speak great English. Secondly, they deliver what they promise - connections with people and companies that can propel your business forward, which i relive is something essential for a young business to grow. Finally, it's beautifully designed and has all the amenities to conduct business in the most productive way, whether its meeting your clients, brainstorming or doing your every day work routine. So, would i recommend this place - hundred per cent, the best one in Ukraine.
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